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Boya BY-WM5 wireless microphone review

lavelier microphone for Canon and otehr digital camera

Got this new wireless microphone system for my Canon DSLR 70D camera and I made a quick review to test the sound and its capability. Boya BY-WM5 comes with a transmitter and receiver that allows wireless audio recording. I was able to get one at at a good price. Check out the quick review below and leave comments and check out the item at the link below the video.


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Side light plus Lightroom adjustments using graduated filter

You got to have first before you can give

Made a side light shot and adjusted the darkness on the sides to hide the visible background using Lightroom’s graduated filter in the develop module. I also added my favorite motto.

You got to have first before you can give

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Photo Post Processing: Not a joke task

I raised my hat to all those who do post processing work on photos. At times people criticize your  work that it is overly done or not so professional and the like. My post processing arsenal is only made of Lightroom 3.6 and free software I just did a single photo to clean out the rest of the background and really it takes time and effort just to have it really nice and done before making another use of the image.

Check out one of my self-portrait photo which I did post process first before doing some other photo editing tricks.

Original Photo

Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait 3

Post processed – removed background

Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait no background



Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait Desaturated

Black and white usually used in newspaper

Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait BW caricature


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Self-Portrait using one speedlite and the white side of a reflector

portrait, Canon 85mm 1.8/F, one speedlite setup, Canon 70D

After watching countless  videos on how to tale a great portrait shot just using one speedlite, I think I finally did it.

Check out my self-portrait below and let me know your thoughts.

portrait, Canon 85mm 1.8/F, one speedlite setup, Canon 70D

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Photo Quote of the day: Pause to smell the rain drops

Often times we are busy going about our day.

We let special moments pass us as we rush to life, that is why when you got a chance take a pause and smell the rain drops.

Green grass with raindrops

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A day in a cat’s life

Had a week long vacation a few weeks ago. I visited my mom and our home back in the province. Bad weather has prevented me in  going out further to take some pictures of the old place I once live.

Though not much change, I can see that our place is little by little in a way aging. The kittens I once photographed are now full grown cats and I spotted one of them lazily spending the afternoon in the grasses.

A day in my cat lifea local cat’s purrifect afternoon

Posted by Delos Angeles Photography on Monday, August 24, 2015

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Starting Food Photography

Food photography

I once saw a photography tutorial on YouTube and I tried doing those food photography techniques here.

Food photography

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Gear update to enhance photography

Every photographer have that point in their passion or art that what they have in creating that art or passion is not enough.

I needed a few tools to go above the current level. These tools should enhance or make it efficient. For a photographer, having that means to control the light is a must, thus additional tools like flash, strobe, and sets of light modifiers are needed. As for myself, especially now that I am going towards going pro with this passion, I needed to learn more about light modifiers. Gears are costly. I am just a hobbyist and yet my calculated fee just to recover my equipments’ tools are way above the basic fees charged by freelance photographers you can find online. Good thing I chanced upon an online photography store that nearly have the price of the tools I need half as to those well established stores.

Below are some of the tools I got myself at a bargain and in the next weeks I will be testing them and learn them how to use well to help me achieve better photos and hoping that it would justify the deal price I offered.

YN RF-603C II from Dhanstore

Generic shoot through umbrella and ligh tstand set

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Lazy afternoon timelapse in Dulag

Just to pass time made this short timelapse after my mom’s birthday at our front yard.

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Miao Cat Cafe: Cat Lover’s hangout (first batch of photos)

Visited Miao Cat Cafe this Sunday and we were informed that our reservation was moved to 12 noon due to some taping/photo shoot at the cafe with Anne Curtis. It so happens that she is a cat lover as well.

Miao Cat Cafe is this new cafe in Quezon City just at the intersection of Mindanao Avenue and Congressional Avenue. If you happen to be in Trinoma just take a ride in Mindanao Avenue and get off at Congressional Avenue. A few walks and you get to the Cakes to Go store and there is a narrow stairs going to the second floor for the cafe itself.

As of today the cafe is still expanding to include a spa thus for now, guess are accepted strictly by appointment so, in case you wanted to check them out make sure to make your reservations. Click here to contact Miao Cat Cafe

And of course you want to check them out because you love cats. So below are the first batch of photos taken a while ago. Enjoy!

Miao Cat Cafe Food area WM Miao Cat Cafe Food WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 2 WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 3 Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 4 WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda BW WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda WM Miao Cat Cafe sleepy cats Miao Cat Cafe visit March 29, 2015 Miao Cat Cafe wall art WM

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Practicing photo editing

Carshow model Manila Auto Salon 2014

It has been awhile since I edited some of the pictures I have taken. As they say if you don’t use it you lose it.

Photo editing skills are as important as your photography skills. Not all photos you take will be perfect. There will be photos that might be good or even great but a few details needs to be change to make it the “photo”.

I have always mentioned that I have been a fan of for most of my photo editing(because it’s free) but I do have an old version of Photoshop Lightroom 3 that helps me quick photo post-processing. I am not yet taking photos professionally(yup still more of a hobby) but at this early stage self-improvement once one starts to bring photography to the next level.

Below are some edited photos from my recent 2014 Manila Auto Salon photo shoots.

2014 Manila Auto Salon0108-Edit 2014 Manila Auto Salon0341-Edit 2014 Manila Auto Salon0338-Edit-Edit 2014 Manila Auto Salon0349-Edit

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Cityscape Post no. 1

makati city view

The weather has been good to me that I am able to shoot on the roof deck of the place were I stay. This is one of the cityscape photos I shot. Will be posting some more.

makati city view
Converting to black & white, this is one of my cityscape shoot on top of a high building here in Makati
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One of my photos is featured at Photoblog Alliance

I got this email days back telling me that my photo submission was rejected due to poor focus but they did check out this photoblog and they spotted one photo which they like. They requested that I submit the photo instead. So check me out today, February 23, 2014, at Photoblogalliance to see which photo was pick. Would appreciate you spreading this milestone for my photography journey.

Also check as well other photos submitted by professional and aspiring photographers worldwide. Photoblog Alliance is an international collaborative photoblog which aims to showcase the photography of photography bloggers worldwide.

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How to make timelapse movie

Lately I have been doing timelapse. It is a way of making movie using series of photos capturing each movement in the scene.

So how does one make a timelapse.

To make a timelapse you need the following:

  1. A camera to capture the movements(a DSLR camera would be great in order to have a digital format you can use with a program or software)
  2. A tripod for a stable setup. Also, tripod will lock your position, remember that the purpose of a timelapse is to capture the movement of the scene not that of the camera. Your camera should be just in one and the same location
  3. A moving scene. It could be a scene where only one subject is moving or several objects are moving.
  4. Software that will allow you to combine the series of pictures into a single movie. I used Lightroom 3 and downloaded a preset that allows to make the photos come into a 30fps to 24 fps. FPS stands for FRAMES PER SECOND which means in a second you actually saw that number of photos. So for 24 fps there were 24 photos put together in one second.
  5. Additional software to integrate other film elements like sound or music and credits. I use the free Windows Live Movie Maker.
  6. A cable release to trigger shots without adding movement. Also, though optional an intervelometer will be helpful to let your camera capture a series of photos at a time interval by itself.

Taking the shots:

  1. Make sure you have the spot where the scene will capture most movements
  2. Setup your tripod in a way that camera shakes will be avoided.
  3. Set your camera to manual focus to avoid refocusing during shots.
  4. Adjust your camera accordingly to get a clear shot or whatever artistic style you want to add to your timelapse.
  5. Attached your cable release or your intervelometer.  Make sure it is attached in a way that will not add a shake to your camera every shot.
  6. If you are just using a cable release decide at what intervals will you take a shot. I usually take every 5 seconds. If you are using an intervelometer you can set it and just let it shot photos on itself.
  7. Take your pictures. The number of photos will depend on what movement you want to capture.

Making the timelapse:

  1.  Transfer your photos to your photo editing software
  2. Make necessary changes to your photos. Remember though that whatever changes on one photo it should also made to other photos. Lightroom has the sync function to effect a change in one photo for the rest
  3. Make sure that the photos are lined up in the right order. In Lightroom I combine the photos using Slideshow adding a preset that will convert it into a film in a 24-30 fps.
  4. After making the video, combined other elements like music and credits using another software.
  5. After adding other elements save the movie file in a format compatible with video players or to acceptable formats by online sites like Youtube and Vimeo.


Below is another sunset video I made, but this time it has some cloud movements. Also, if you noticed there is a slight glitch right before the sun really sets. I sneeze or something so as a reminder always make sure that you will not be interrupted when taking the series of photos.


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The Secret In the Garden

My brother was planning to cut the tall grasses in our yard in preparation of our humble Dulag home for our annual small family get together during Christmas. Unfortunately the grass cutter he borrowed from our brother-in-law broke down.


While passing time before the busy Christmas season, I took my handy-dandy Canon T3i and took some shots in that grassy world in our backyard. I few waiting and some timing I was able to get this small moth as it stop flying around under the hot mid-day sun.



Small moth 2

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Napping Cats

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Macro Sunday: Tree buds or something

Shooting a tree's buds with Canon 85mm f/1.8

I have taken a photo of this buds already but I guess taking a shot with a Canon 85mm f/1.8 would make a difference, Bokeh that is plus some edits using to enhance the image. Hope you like it.

Shooting a tree's buds with Canon 85mm f/1.8

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The Box

Is it a gift or a curse?

Some things great and some things bad are hidden in a box.

Is it a gift or a curse?

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The Leaf

Nature at its best

At times the simple things around us are the very things that actually make a lot of difference in our lives.

Nature at its best

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Psalms 46:11

Psalms 46:11

Be still and know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations, exalted on the earth.

Psalms 46:11

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Nature’s Mother & Child Version

Mother & Child in Nature

Is us who copied Mother Nature or it is just normal that Mother Nature has this. This is a common scene in rural areas and it was a surprise for me to see such here in Guam. May such bond between a Mother and her child always be the sweetest bond.

Mother & Child in Nature


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Keep it up,Soon it will payoff

Psalm 33:22

For the past years already, I have been struggling in all the things I have started: blogs, stock investment, real estate investment, work, and my photography.

For almost a year now I have progress to what my photography is supposed to be. But I guess life is a struggle. No matter what troubles or pain we go to we have to keep it up and soon it will payoff.

“Let your mercy be on us oh God as we put our trust in You” – Psalm 33:22

Psalm 33:22


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Be Alert: Color correction using my new Wacom Capture tablet

Corssing the road is not easy so be careful

Crossing the road is not easy so be careful

This is my recent post-processing practice using my recently acquired Wacom Bamboo Capture.

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Sample from Artisan State

Artisan State

Discovered this new site about making your very own photo book and below is the sample I made using some of my images.

Check them out at

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Getting close to nature

Nature at ist untoiched state

Aside from the co-workers portrait and group shots during our 4th of July outing, I get to catch some interesting images of the untouched nature.

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Grass or Flower?

Macro shots of a grass

Again this photo is shot from the backyard. Using a Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens with Macro capabilities I was able to go as near to this grass. Yes this is a grass but with a zoom and macro enable lens I was able to make it look like a flower.

Also I used for post processing and other effects.

Macro shots of a grass

With effects using free editing software.

Macro shot of a grass using SIgma Telephoto Zoom Lens APO DG


Macro shot of a grass using SIgma Telephoto Zoom Lens APO DG

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The Untouched Nature

Untouched Nature in its beauty

When nature is left on its own it creates a beauty of its own.

Untouched Nature in its beauty

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My Latest Photography Buddy: Canon 85mm f/1.8

clear shots at low light

After thinking and re-thinking, I finally got this amazing lens.

I have been scouting the world-wide web about a lens that bought satisfy my need and want: the need for an affordable lens for my Canon T3i and the want to get crystal clear images specially for portrait.

The Canon 85mm f/1.8 was the best choice. After reading photoblogs, blog reviews, forums, and some well-known tv show(oh yeah its DigitalRev TV) I decided to get this amazing lens.

Below are some of my shots before and  post processing. I am still familiarizing my self with this lens since it is a fixed focal length lens I like my 18-55mm kit lens and my Sigma 70-300mm Telephoto Zoom lens.

First portrait shot

First portrait shot with Canon 85mm f/1.8
My first portrait shot with Canon 85mm f/1.8 before post processing


At La Mirenda 3
after post processing using


Other shots before post processing


clear shots at low light
clear shots even at low light


green frog note holder
It’s just a toy frog promise
Angel the older sister of the Prince Dude Boss
Angel the older sister of the Prince Dude Boss

Enjoy more of the photos I recently took with this lens through PhotoSnack

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Summer Getaway?

Summer getaway

The sun is up and the air is hot and humid, I guess summer is already here.


Summer getaway


Where are you planning to go on summer?

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Dinner at Jamaican Grill Dededo, Guam

170579_Save up to 50% Off Select Merchandise at

Ya mon serious food!

That is the tag line of Jamaican Grill here in Guam. It’s a Jamaican style barbecue inspired restaurant that captured the bellies of the locals and tourist alike. They have three locations and we dined in their Dededo Mall location.

Took this pictures, hope you get to try serious food mon!

Jamaican Grill Dededo Mall

Meat us

Ya mon serious food

Check them out one of these days! Enjoy good food, serious food!

P.S. Check whats cooking and know exact location by going to their site

“Jamaican Grill” and “Ya mon, serious food!” are trademarks of Jamaican Grill

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Cinnamon on a rainy Tuesday

Treat yourself with a yummy cinnamon roll

Treat yourself some time. A cinnamon roll on a rainy Tuesday is not that bad.

Treat yourself with a yummy cinnamon roll

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Sweet Mochi

Two is better than one

For the past days I have been eating these mochis. Our local grocery has this pack of mochis with 3 flavors.  Mochi is originally from Japan but the one I am buying is actually imported from Taiwan.

Enjoy these delicious mochi!

Sweet in the inside


Two is better than one


Solo Red Mochi

green bean mochi

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Kawaii Neko: Cute Cat

Last Saturday I got a chance to photograph our neighbor or a stray cat playing in the roofs and in the fence. Using my Sigma telephoto zoom lens and putting my ISO as high(it was already about sunset) I took these photos. I hope you like them.

Wild cat

Wild cat 4: Trust your instincts

Wild cat: Life is a risk you have to take

Wild cat: Live Beyond Fences

I am not quite sure if there are online photography schools that would help enhance one’s animal photography. But learning from Youtube videos does help.

Please support my blog by purchasing cards, print, framed or mounted version of the above photos at Just click the images and a Redbubble site will open for you where you can choose what format you want to purchase.

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Take a great shot, use Rule of Thirds, Golden Spiral, and Golden Square

Geng Medrazo by Brendan Goco with patterns

Yes that seems to be a lot of rules to follow but it does not necessarily mean that you employ all rules in order to get a great shot. You can also use these to crop the image and get the best output.

Let me explain them in my own words(yes I am really not that techie so please bear with me)

Rule of Thirds

The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally. Studies have shown that when viewing images that people’s eyes usually go to one of the intersection points most naturally rather than the center of the shot – using the rule of thirds works with this natural way of viewing an image rather than working against it.

Rule of thirds is a rule of thumb which allows you to put the a part of the picture which is the subject of interest in line with a specific parts that catches the attention of the viewer. Most people think that the center of the photo is the right place to put the subject for it to be the center but in reality our minds are designed in a way where we look at an image at certain points thus placing the subject in line that point maximizes that quality you want to focus on.
Below is a pattern of the Rule of thirds:
Rule of thirds template
In my readings and videos that I have watch that teaches how to use the rule of thirds two things are always empasize.
  • Make sure that the subject occupies about 1/3 of the frame
  • The subject does not need to be really in the four inner dots considered as focal points but rather the subject should be align in or near those points thus an elongated subject does not necessarily be on the focus points but it could be along the lines like landscapes where the horizon aligns with either the upper or lower line.


Such Rule of thirds is actually derived from what is called Golden Ratio.

Golden Ratio is a number that is believed to be a number that is widely in nature. Others term it divine ratio because almost all things in a way follow the pattern this ratio makes. Two patterns I use with my photo edits are Golden Spiral and Golden Rectangle.

The same concept of the Rule of thirds apply where the subject of the photo should fall or be within certain points of the pattern to really bring the viewer’s attention. I was checking my Facebook when I chance to my young brother’s timeline and one of the photos he has is a photo of Geng Medrazo(a model in the Philippines). The photo is taken by Brendan Goco click here to check the whole photo.

 Medrazo by Brendan Goco

The above photo by Brendan Goco is well compose using the the three rules that I have discussed.



Geng Medrazo by Brendan Goco with Golden Rectangle

Using the Golden Rectangle which is much more like the Rule of thirds pattern, notice that the subject, Geng Medrazo, is not at the center but on the far right. Also she occupies about a third of the entire frame and she is not entire on the focal points but rather along the focal points. One important part of her, the eyes, lies along the upper line and it gives that great effect that directs the viewer to focus on her eyes.

Geng edrazo by Brendan Goco with Golden Spiral

Again using the Golden Spiral, you would see that Geng here totally is within the spirals main focus point and again the eyes lies along the line.

Now combining both Golden Rectangle and Golden Spiral makes this photo by Brendan Goco of Geng Medrazo really well compose.

Geng Medrazo by Brendan Goco with patterns

Disclosure: The above image of Geng Medrazo is the property of Brendan Goco.

I hope this short explanation of the three rules will help you achieve good portraits and other type of photo that you intend to experiment with. For more learning about these three rules go online or in or any other free online sites.


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Dabbling with Portrait Photography

Say cheese Kelly!

A couple of days ago I was in my phone with my sister who is also a budding photographer discussing a possible photography business as a sideline for both of us. She said we have a lot more to learn and the competition out there is tough. So with that I tested my Canon T3i(Canon 600D) using my kit lens and a B+W circular polarizer to take a portrait of my niece, Kelly.

Say cheese Kelly!
All smiles, good vibes
Kelly striking a pos
“Ang ganda-ganda ko noh!” (I look gorgeous don’t I!)

Do you think I can start a profitable portrait photography business?

Cyber Monday
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An Enticing Table Setting: Bon Apetit!

Table setting at Guam Restaurants

If you noticed some of my photos are photos of food in the table specially those in top restaurants here in Guam. Most restaurants here in Guam specially in the hotels are buffet so I get the chance to mix and arranged them for my photography like the one below.

Table setting at Guam Restaurants
Bon Apetit!
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Imaginary moon

From a normal photo taken on a cloudy afternoon

Imaginary moon

Pretty Darn Cute - Modern WordPress Themes for the Feminine Blogger

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Sushi for lunch

Sushi for lunch

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It is common food in most Guam restaurants and hotels for the fact that most of the tourist that come here are Japanese.

Sushi for lunch
Everybody loves shushi



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Antique Lamp Style

Old lamp

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Ever have that craving to see antiques? I know some who would like to stop at antique stores going through stuff and telling you from what year or era such is.

I was able to get a photo of a lamp in the newly re-opened restaurant here in Guam. It may not look so antique but the style is indeed antique.

Old lamp
An antique like lamp in the newly opened Main Restaurant in Guam Reef Hotel

To purchase a postcard, framed, or poster print of this photo go to by clicking here.



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Fancy Lamp no. 1

GreekGear.comWe were dining at this newly opened restaurant here in Tumon, Guam and the ambiance caught me. I have some shots of the new layout and designed of the restaurant. Check out the first one below.

Fancy lamp no.1
The new ambiance of Main Restaurant(formerly Alize Restaurant) in Guam Reef Hotel, Tumon, Guam. USA


You can purchase this image as a postcard, framed wall decor, or just a photographic print at by clicking the image or by clicking here.

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The Red Fox

Red Fox with black and white background good for postcards

I was in a date with my fiancée when I spotted this red fox designed in a coffee shop in Mall of Asia in the Philippines. I took a photo but the lighting of the coffee shop was to dark thus I edited the image using and I came up with the image below.

Red Fox with black and white background good for postcards
Using photo editor I highlighted the fox red color and made the rest black & white


Interested in purchasing this as a postcard or a framed wall decor? Go to my Redbubble account and specify your image size and media type here.

307728_Save Big - 234x60

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The Makahiya

Makahiya is one strange herb because once you touch or shaken its leaves start to fold inward. The name itself means quite shy.

// I got this from about this strange herb:

Mimosa pudica (from Latin: pudica “shy, bashful or shrinking”; also called sensitive plant and the touch-me-not), is a creeping annual or perennial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, re-opening minutes later. The species is native to South America and Central America, but is now a pantropical weed.




Touch me not aka Makahiya
The strange herb



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Bokeh plus Christmas

Bokeh capture

285964_Judith Ripka Jewelry

Christmas is always celebrated with colorful lights and lights makes very good bokeh. So while celebrating Christmas I captured some Christmas lights adding bokeh effects y=using my Canon T3i and Sigma Telephoto zoom lens which has a macro capability.

Christmas bokeh
Capturing bokeh while celebrating Christmas


The word “bokeh” is a Japanese word for blur which is achieved by deliberately making parts of the image out of focus.

Bokeh capture
Creating bokeh while enjoying the Christmas season


Bokeh is a way to create beautiful blurs that adds to the entire image’s aesthetic quality.


Christmas star bokeh effect
Christmas lights shaped into a star with bokeh effects

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Macro and Green

Mango Buds in our backyard has the latest fashion trends, straight from the runways. Shop GUESS.

While on vacation, I shot some green things around our house in Pangasinan.


Mango buds

I was able to spot our mango trees buds and the lighting was just right when I took this picture.


Violet grass flower 2

While sweeping our backyard I can’t help but see this wild flower or grass and I went down to take a picture just like this violet flower of a certain kind of grass.

Manga 3

This may look like a giant mango but in reality this is just a small mango, with the help of my Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens in Macro mode I was able to get this amazing picture.


Another mango shot this time adding bokah.

Manga 2

A closer shot of the above picture.


This strange grass is called the “Makahiya” which literally means shy. When you touch this grass its leaves clamp as if it is shy and hides away.

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MD Wholesale and Mega Drug Pharmacy Location

MD Wholesale Guam

Was commissioned to photograph building where MD Wholesale and Mega Drug Pharmacy Tamuning is locatedMD Wholesale Guam

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The Red Sky

Using some effects in,  I transformed one of my photo taken with my Canon T3i.

Sunset and clouds 2

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UFO in Guam?

Spotted this alleged UFO

Was preparing my sandwich for work and as I was washing my hands I noticed this weird white inverted “V” like thing in the blue clouds. I thought it was a cloud but as the passing cloud pass the thing was still there. After a few seconds it seems to move and after a minute it was moving fast. So I thought it was I was thinking, a UFO(Unidentified Flying Object).

So I got my camera and switch to my Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens to get a  better look on this alleged UFO. Check out the image I got below:

Spotted this alleged UFO
Is this an alien invasion of Guam?

I thought it was really a UFO that I started day dreaming of having a UFO tracking career but as I look at it is indeed a rocket. I wonder why a rocket is launch early morning and more why is there a rocket launch. It could be a test rocket or probably it is a rocket carrying a satellite to orbit the earth, I don’t really want to speculate it is one of those North Korean missiles.

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The Golden Hour

Golden hour photography sessions

It was a Sunday afternoon around 5:15 pm when I was able to get this shots they say the golden hour brings the colors. I was lucky that before heading home I got my Canon T3i and took some shots of this beautiful sunset here at Upper Tumon, Guam.

Golden hour photography sessions Golden hour photography sessions Golden hour photography sessions



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Macro Black and White

Macro shot in B&W

Was cleaning my Telephoto Zoom Sigma lens when I pointed my camera to my lamp shade and took a quick photo of the neck. I never imagined I will have this nice macro shot with the dark background.

Macro shot in B&W
Shining amidst the darkness
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Photography Workshops….. I want to attend one.

Basic Photography Workshop by FPPF

Looking at my photos, I am thinking I can do better but how will I improve my photography?

Yes YouTube videos are so simple and handy but it still different when you are mentored by a really multi-awarded photographer. But again it might be disappointing when all that was discuss in the workshop is all that you already know.

Basic Photography Workshop by FPPF

I saw this workshop conducted by Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF). They have all lined up set of photography workshops and the very first, I guess for me  or any newbie photographer who wants to be one day a professional photographer, to attend is thew Basic Photography Workshop. The only problem is that there will be no schedule of workshop on my planned vacation dates in December.

But if you are interested you can check FPPF website at for more information.

Basic Photography Workshop at FPPF

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View at Alupang Beach, Guam

The beautiful view of Tumn Bay at Alupang Beach, Guam

It is Veteran’s day last Monday and I was able to get a chance to photograph some view at Alupang Beach, Guam.


The beautiful view of Tumn Bay at Alupang Beach, Guam
Available to purchase at redbubble.comby clicking the image


There were tourist snorkeling, kayaking, riding the banana boat, and parasailing. Alupang Beach has been an area of Tumon Bay for such beach activities.


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Pebbles in the Sand

Powdery sand and pebbles in Matapang Beach, Tumon, Guam, USA

Was looking back at some of my images and found these. I cropped some parts of it using the Golden Ratio Spiral to capture the best part of the images.

Powdery sand and pebbles in Matapang Beach, Tumon, Guam, USA
Available at Click the image to purchase it!


Another shot with a slight adjustment in the framing.

Powdery sands and pebbles in the beach in Guam
Available at Click the image to purchase it!




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Spot the difference? effects

I have been using to process my pictures made this one can you spot the difference? effects

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Watched Skyfall

My Micronesiamall Theatre Movie Ticket Skyfall

It is nice to see Bond movie in a different style or twist. This latest installment seems to deviate from most of the Bond movie franchise styles.

My Micronesiamall Theatre Movie Ticket Skyfall

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Trick or Treat: Halloween at Micronesiamall


Finally some of the images of Halloween at the Micronesiamall


Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (1)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (2)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (3)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (4)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (5)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (6)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (7)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (8)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (9)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (10)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (11)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (12)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (13)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (14)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (15)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (16)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (17)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (18)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (19)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (20)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (21)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (22)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (23)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (24)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (25)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (26)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (27)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (28)

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the Micronesiamall (29)



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Happy Halloween! Happy All Saints Day! Happy All Souls Day!

Monsters of the night

Monsters of the night

Yes it is again that time of the year where little kids go knocking at our door to ask you to give them treats or else(which does not really happen) will trick you.  Also the still young at heart go to night parties in costumes and do some old people stuff.

But let us remember why we have this event in human timeline. Let us have pause and give remembrance to those loves ones who past away.

Halloween is from All Hallows Day which is All Saints Day

Remember November 1 is All Saints Day so lets honor those who live an exemplary life and learn by there example.

Remember All Souls on November 2

November 2 is All Souls Day which is the correct day to remember our beloved departed and all other souls that are not remembered.

It’s is not bad to go out partying and having fun, watching scary movies, and spending fun time with family and friends on October 31 but on November 1 & 2 lets give what is due respect to those who has left this earth.

Happy Halloween! Happy All Saints Day! Happy All Souls Day!

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Solitary Koi


Been taking pictures of koi fish in Hilton Guam Resort & Spa and this big one caught my eye.

You can buy a clean image of this koi at my Redbubble by clicking the image.


Check out the rest of my photos at by clicking here.


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The Cute Things In The Office

a cute sandal metallize

As usual while waiting for my backup I go around the office to take photos of something new and cute in the office. Check out my shots below:


My co-workers trophy for getting second place in their volleyball tournament

The image in my mug


A cute give away


a cute sandal metallize





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Get Your Pink On Breast Cancer Awareness month

Puit your pink on

Puit your pink on October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. One of the local foundation that helps cancer patients and promote cancer awareness, Guam Cancer Care, have this wave your support event called “PUT YOUR PINK ON”.

My co-workers attended and supported the wave while I took pictures of this  event.

Showyour support, wave for cancer awareness

A wave may just be a wave but it means  lot for those who need our support.

Let's fight cancerThe young ones are aware of cancer and they are here to support.

all walks of life against cancer

Young or old are here to support the cause.

smile to fight cancer

Smile and the world will smile back at you!

Guam Cancer Care fights cancer

Guam Cancer Care leads the fight against cancer here in Guam.


Wave for cancer free life.


Lets go!Lets fight cancer

All out support to the PUT YOUR PINK ON cause.

Biker moms unite against cancer

Biker moms support the fight against breast cancer.

Check all photos in gallery below:



On the other hand check out my co-workers as they participate and enjoy the event.

Resting after long wave


Supporting the cause


Doing a good job


Funny moments at the parking


Chilling out in the parking lot

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We can fly

You can fly

You can fly

A lazy afternoon is a good time for bird watching.

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SDA Fun Run at Lower Tumon

My employer was one of the sponsors(they are also our customer) to this fun run event by SDA Guam and as such we are given 5 slots of runners and if others would still like to run a fee will be available at venue.

Our sales rep who coordinated informed me that the run would start at 6:15 so I decided to go to the venue about 6:00 so that I can take a picture of the start. Yesterday was a gloomy day and I was wondering if today would be the same and somehow the weather cooperated.

I was a bit late and most of the runners are already half way so I decided to pull over and take any pictures in the way. I was contacting my co-workers but nobody was answering so I took as much as I can while I have time.


Check my shots below:

Not giving up

Like Father Like Daugther

Everyone runs a 5k

We can do this buddy!

Hip hip horray!!!

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