About The Photographer

Main photographer/blogger of Delos Angeles Photography

Louis Delos Angeles is the main photographer/blogger of Delos Angeles Photography.

He is an accountant by profession and photography is something that he recently discovered. He has been taking photos using his old Sony Ericsson P900(unfortunately this phone was already given away and believed to be decommissioned) when DSLR cameras were still for the well to do. His very first digital camera was a Pentax Optio E30 which was also given away and believed to be just dusting and hidden in a cabinet.

Buying a Canon T3i DSLR camera was a big decision one for the cost of the camera and two he has no technical knowledge of what photography really is. He was first just one of the ordinary who wants to take memories using snap shots or point and shoot style of photography until he found out that we can understand the world more with still photos.

To do that he needs a camera that takes clearer and detailed image. Through the lens he sees the beauty of God’s creation, a person’s emotion, the performer’s passion, the adrenalin in the event and the serenity of landscape. Thus to date he considers himself a hobbyist or an enthusiast photographer.

Delos Angeles Photography is where he shares his new-found passion and how he understands this awesome world we live in. He hopes you enjoy his images and he would gladly appreciates your comments and participation in the blog.