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Image compositing

Image compositing is the technique where two or more photos or layers are put together to create a single image.

This is usually done to put a different background on a person’s profile or whole body picture but making sure that as if it is a single image. Besides that it is also use usually in magazines and advertising where text are included as if partial of it are at the back of the person in the image.

I was doing a portrait session with my co-workers for our company’s website. We had a little fun shot shots session and I did some photos as composites in magazine covers. If you think this is cool please let me know by leaving your thoughts or ideas in the comment box at the end of this post.

Magazine composites Karen & Dani Working Mom cover Karen Melo Jordan Sports Ilustrated cover Moises vs. Josef Sports Illustrated Cover Tabing Ilog Rewind StarStudio Cover The crawling Julia's movie poster



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A day in a cat’s life

Had a week long vacation a few weeks ago. I visited my mom and our home back in the province. Bad weather has prevented me in  going out further to take some pictures of the old place I once live.

Though not much change, I can see that our place is little by little in a way aging. The kittens I once photographed are now full grown cats and I spotted one of them lazily spending the afternoon in the grasses.

A day in my cat lifea local cat’s purrifect afternoon

Posted by Delos Angeles Photography on Monday, August 24, 2015

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Strolling at Salcedo Saturday Market

It was early morning Saturday and my visiting siblings called us to join them in the Salcedo Saturday Market near their place. For me this was another photographic exercise and also a chance to test my recently acquired Canon 10-18mm wide angle lens.

The Salcedo Saturday Market is not only a locally known weekend market, but also internationally known  weekend market as the commentator announced(yes, while everyone was busy shopping there was somebody talking to set the mood). Since it is in the Makati Business District most of its shoppers are expats and a few tourists. Of course, some well-off Makati residents has frequented this weekend market with most of the items are rare finds that only available here.

Some of the few images I took are below. Please support some of our local vendors by frequenting these weekend markets(some of the vendors also are in the Legazpi Sunday Market).

Salcedo Market around the venue

Salcedo Market Down to Earth chilled products

Salcedo Market Fresh veggies

Salcedo Market Gary's plants and bayong

Salcedo Market Merry Moo

Salcedo Market plants in pots

Salcedo Market Romdane Artisan Bakery

Salcedo Market Simply Pie

Salcedo Market Stanford and Shaw

Salcedo Market sunflowers


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Starting Food Photography

Food photography

I once saw a photography tutorial on YouTube and I tried doing those food photography techniques here.

Food photography

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Gear update to enhance photography

Every photographer have that point in their passion or art that what they have in creating that art or passion is not enough.

I needed a few tools to go above the current level. These tools should enhance or make it efficient. For a photographer, having that means to control the light is a must, thus additional tools like flash, strobe, and sets of light modifiers are needed. As for myself, especially now that I am going towards going pro with this passion, I needed to learn more about light modifiers. Gears are costly. I am just a hobbyist and yet my calculated fee just to recover my equipments’ tools are way above the basic fees charged by freelance photographers you can find online. Good thing I chanced upon an online photography store that nearly have the price of the tools I need half as to those well established stores.

Below are some of the tools I got myself at a bargain and in the next weeks I will be testing them and learn them how to use well to help me achieve better photos and hoping that it would justify the deal price I offered.

YN RF-603C II from Dhanstore

Generic shoot through umbrella and ligh tstand set

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Lazy afternoon timelapse in Dulag

Just to pass time made this short timelapse after my mom’s birthday at our front yard.

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Becoming a professional photographer

Delos Angeles Photograhy Services

In the open forum held on the evening of the DPP9 event, the topic was about turning professional.

The key point of that  open forum is how one can move from being a hobbyist to a part-time or full-time photographer. There were two professional photographers, Borj Meneses and Jericho Montemayor, who shared their experience and insights about turning professional.  Below is a video clip I was able to get during that open forum.

I have been photographing things and people for about four years now and often times I hear a few friends say why not be a professional photographer. Often times it was tempting, but most of the time  I am scared to jump into that level. As a photographer and as I learned more about it, it seems that my work is not enough. Personally, I know I have to learn a lot more to deliver quality photography work. But the reluctance will not bring me anywhere. No matter what I do my work or some of my work will always be second to someone else.

But again as the times also is making me decide to have a second income source, I think diving into it is not that bad. Yes, I will be ridiculed and I might be told that my pictures are so ordinary or even worst a work of a newbie. But unless I go over that wall that stops me from earning from my passion I won’t be able to prove to myself that I can be a professional lensman.

And so one day I sat down and plotted in an Excel spreadsheet the cost I have incurred so far with the photographic equipments and other tools that I might need when I go professional. Aside from what I already have I considered other tools that would help me. Also I have to define what service I would offer so that I know at how much should I charge. Operating cost like fares going to and from location, hiring a photo editor, and buying license softwares to process photos to the best quality are taken into consideration. Also, I still would be doing my day job from Monday to Friday thus weekends are my only available time for this endeavor. With that I came up with a figure just to recover the capital I have and might put in to make this happen. For a period of two years shooting only 2 times a week(service is based on a whole day pricing that means I would only be having one client in one day)  came up with a service fee for a pre-nup/portrait to small event may it be a birthday, wedding, debut, corporate event, and etc of 7,500 pesos within Metro Manila. That figure is only my photographic services  and basic post processing delivered digitally in probably USB.

The second part of the problem I have is that how would I be able to do a weekend photo shoot to recover that cost if I don’t even have a client base to start with. And with that I have challenged my self to offer something unusual.


That figure is too small compared to what most photographers charge. And with that I have this offer to anyone who might be interested in my photographic services. For  7,500 pesos I can take your portrait, pre-nup, small wedding, small event, birthday party for about a whole day(about 8 hours of course) as long as it would fall on weekends and within the safe areas of Metro Manila(of course I would be bringing photographic equipment that cost a lot).

This offer would be great for those aspiring models who does not have a portfolio yet. This way we help each other out by me giving you photos for your portfolio and you giving me the opportunity to use my skills and improve it to better serve clients in an actual professional setup. Also, this would be a win-win setup for engaged people who could not afford the whole shebang of photographers out there. If my offer price is within your budget. It would be both a win-win for us, you able to get my services to the best that I can deliver and you being my clients and future marketers out there for telling your other friends who need budget photography services.

Of course, this offer is first come, first serve and will depend on my availability as well. Initially I would be available Saturday whole day and afternoon on Sundays. Also, I need to talk to you personally as well to have a mutual understanding on what scope of service I would be providing like details of the prenup, details of small wedding, and others. I could meet you after work for a quick chat over coffee to at least have a set expectation or outcome before the day itself. Right now a few of my coworkers do events and I have made myself available for them as well for some of their events which are usually i the Cavite and Laguna area. And again as a reminder my services for the 7,500 pesos deal only includes photography services and a bit of post processing within the safe areas of Metro Manila, if location would be outside of scope expenses incurred would be for the clients account on top of the offer price.

Should you be interested in this deal txt me at 09186198973, email me at with subject Photography Deal, or PM me on Facebook at

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Miao Cat Cafe: Cat Lover’s hangout (first batch of photos)

Visited Miao Cat Cafe this Sunday and we were informed that our reservation was moved to 12 noon due to some taping/photo shoot at the cafe with Anne Curtis. It so happens that she is a cat lover as well.

Miao Cat Cafe is this new cafe in Quezon City just at the intersection of Mindanao Avenue and Congressional Avenue. If you happen to be in Trinoma just take a ride in Mindanao Avenue and get off at Congressional Avenue. A few walks and you get to the Cakes to Go store and there is a narrow stairs going to the second floor for the cafe itself.

As of today the cafe is still expanding to include a spa thus for now, guess are accepted strictly by appointment so, in case you wanted to check them out make sure to make your reservations. Click here to contact Miao Cat Cafe

And of course you want to check them out because you love cats. So below are the first batch of photos taken a while ago. Enjoy!

Miao Cat Cafe Food area WM Miao Cat Cafe Food WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 2 WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 3 Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 4 WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda BW WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda WM Miao Cat Cafe sleepy cats Miao Cat Cafe visit March 29, 2015 Miao Cat Cafe wall art WM

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DPP9: Photos of the event

It was my first time to attend a whole day event and was indeed something to look forward again next year.

There were great line of new camera technology presented by off course the well known leaders of the industry, the great lessons taught by respected master photographers, and off course the sheer number of photographers who particiapted.

Below are some of the pictures I took. Please check them out, would be glad to hear your comments.


Bike Stunt 1 WM

Boxer model 1 WM


Bike Stunt 2 WM


Bike stunt 3


Boxer model 1 2nd WM




Boxer model 1 red gloves


DPP9 learning session at the main stage WM


Cosplay model Sailor Venus WM


Cosplay model Sailor Venus 1


Boxer model 2


Lecture session WM

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Photography Event: #dpp9 at BGC


March 21 was the day DPP celebrated its 9th anniversary. Lots of activities and prizes were given and lucky participants got some quality cameras and freebies.

Also had some great learnings from master photographers and imagineers. Was also able to get shooting advises shooting a live model. Also, some announcements were said, but I leave that with DPP to make on the official page. Also, the recent KLM Assignment Amsterdam was shown and the work of Paul and Marc was totally cool. We are also joined by 5th placer of the HIPA, James Singlador. He shared with us the experience he had. He just termed it “living the life of the rich and famous.”

Aside from the learning activities, a few celebrities graced the event. We had Marian Rivera for the book signing of Jay Tablante’s Geekology 2.0. We also had Manny Pokyaw for the entire day actually, since there was a boxing ring.

At the evening discussion the topic was all about going professional. It was really an enlightening talk together with the original DPP forum members and members who eventually became professional photographers.

To give you a quick idea what was DPP all about, check out this short timelapse of all the photos I’ve taken while I was in the event:



Some few edited pictures. Will post others once done.

Bike Stunt 1 BW WM

Bike Stunt 1 WM

Bike Stunt 2 BW WM

Bike Stunt 2 WM

Boxer model 1 BW WM

Boxer model 1 WM