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Another Manila Sunset capture

Delos Angeles Photography Manila Sunset

I know you might be already fed up but I got this shot today.

Enjoy this Manila sunset.

Delos Angeles Photography Manila Sunset

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Manila Scenery


Another shot taken here in Manila. The evening really gives this orange to reddish color.


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Pier at Manila Bay

This one is shot using Sigma 70-300mm APO-DG Telephotozoom lens.


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Sunset at Manila Bay

This is not the usual sunset at Manila bay capture.


While I was fixing some things in the room where I stay here in Manila(nope its not a hotel it is just my sister’s condo here near the mall), I spotted this scenery. With such I grab my Canon T3i made initial shots with the kit lens and then some on my Sigma 70-300mm APO-DG telephoto zoom lens. It turns out the kit lens got a seemingly landscape shot. After some tweaking in Lightroom I made further adjustment in and below is the stunning shot.




Sunset at Manila

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Unusual things at the grass level

Another photo while passing time before the busy Christmas that was.

This is actually a grass’s flower or what ever it is called. The weirdness of this world are almost unseen by human eye because it is in the small world just like our yard that has uncut tall grasses.


Grass 2

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Dreamy Dusk

Just another day. After my morning phone interview I got the whole afternoon watching Princess Hours with my sister. Then dusk came and she spotted a view.


I only took a picture after awhile and made a panorama out of it.



Dreamy dust

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The Secret In the Garden

My brother was planning to cut the tall grasses in our yard in preparation of our humble Dulag home for our annual small family get together during Christmas. Unfortunately the grass cutter he borrowed from our brother-in-law broke down.


While passing time before the busy Christmas season, I took my handy-dandy Canon T3i and took some shots in that grassy world in our backyard. I few waiting and some timing I was able to get this small moth as it stop flying around under the hot mid-day sun.



Small moth 2

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Touring UST

It was Sunday and after coming back from San Mateo for some errand catch up with my sister and niece or their Sunday Mass at UST.

UST or University of Santo Tomas is one of the Philippines premier university. Also it has the distinction of being a pontifical and royal university.

My niece mentioned this scenic spot and took a shot and with some post-processing magic to hide a trash can that ruined the shot.


Hope you like it enjoy!



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Delos Angeles Photography 2014 Calendar

Thank you for another year! In preparation for the coming year I created a calendar for you to use next year.

For a small donation you can download the calendar, your donation will surely help in keeping this webpage open for the next year.

For your donations please click the donate button below and you will be directed to PayPal to make your donation. Upon successful transaction you will be directed to the page where you can download the calendar. In case you made a donation but was never directed to the download site please email me at so that I can email you the calendar.

Again thank you very much for your continued support.