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Mural Photography at Lower Tumon, Guam

You already noticed that most of my photographs are taken at Lower Tumon Guam. The reason is that it is the nearest place I go for a quick photo shoot. So check and enjoy some of my shots.
Unfinished Mural right across Guam Visitors Bureau

Mural in Hilton Resort & Spa

The last one is at the road going to Kmart. This is an epic fail shoot because it started to rain but I was still able to get at least one below.

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Hanging Out in CoffeeBeanery in Micronesia mall

If I don’t feel like going home yet or would just like to sip coffee while browsing the worldwide web, I go to Coffee Beanery at Micronesia mall because it is the nearest one to where I live.

The baristas here are wondering because I always order coffee base drinks and also hot drinks. They wonder how do I manage to get to sleep after drinking coffee at evening. Well coffee is my addiction and yup I am a late sleeper.
Well enjoy some of the shots I got in CoffeeBeanery.
chilling out on a lazy Tuesday

Coffee hot hot!!!

One of the leading coffee shops here in Guam

Coffee time at Micronesia Mall Coffee Beanery

the barista's corner
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Fire Tree at Lower Tumon

Have been planning to photograph the fire trees in Lower Tumon and the ones that are in bloom are in The Reef Hotel and Hyatt. 
Fire Tree in Reef Hotel

The one in Hyatt which I took pictures after eating breakfast at Burker King right across Tumon Sands.

The images I took in Hyatt is a bit blurry. I guess the bright sun cause it or I am not just good yet at adjusting the settings for landscape settings.

In between shooting the fire trees I got some other pictures enjoy!

I am still shy in taking pictures of passing people. Probably that would be my next project. It would be nice if I can catch the emotion of those walking or jogging in Lower Tumon, Guam. 

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Closeup Photo Shots During my Pangasinan VAcation

Was in the Philippines for a vacation and while at our home in Dulag Binmaley, Pangasinan was able to take these photos.

An unknown ornamental plant probably planted by our youngest brother  or my mom.

Our dog named Purina

An unusual fruit from a tree my brother planted

Mushrooms anyone? These aren’t edible though.

Even AngryBirds invaded my place already

And finally flowers, wild grass, and a coconut 

Notice: The words “Purina” and “AngryBirds” are copyrighted and trademarks of their respective owners.
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The Blue Night Sky

Was on my way home from my usual coffee and was in this exact moment to catch this picturesque dusk moment.

an unexpected scenery
Second shot
Take 3
take 4
last shot

This was taken at Micronesia Mall’s Macy’s Men side parking.

Any comments or tip on how to better get a night or dusk photo? Please share in the comments below. 

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Rice: Up close and personal

Made some closeup shots on the rice in my apartment, what do you think?

Do you have an idea on how to make a better close up shot? Please share in the comment box.

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Experimental Urban Photography

Was able to have a chance to try Urban photography.

Woke up early to get images of the early and the morning stuff of my area but it kinda ended into a blue sky and street photography.
Hope you get to check my images, would like to hear your comments and suggestions.

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I found Nemo?

Everyday while waiting for our office server to backup I go around to take some practice photo shoot just as my “Kabalens” Ian Rayray said “Picture lng ng picture!”

Well in the office guess what I found?

Yup its Nemo or is it Nemo? Not sure I just practice taking closeup pictures and with varying settings and adjustments.

Check them out.

Any advice on closeup photography? Please leave yours in the comment box.
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Micronesia Mall in Guam

I decided to get my usual dose of Java at Coffee Beanery in Micronesia Mall instead of my usual Sunday coffee at Infusion.
While coming in I saw a co-worker and also passed by ABC store to check the price of my possible pasalubong but its kinda pricey will check some other possible pasalubong which is more lighter on the luggage and of course the pocket.
While walking can’t help but point and shoot some pictures but I was hesitant on some because 1) its a public place and 2) I might be charge with taking pictures without permit.
So check out some below hope you like it:
Hallway going to the other side from Macy’s Children and Men’s section
The late Sunday scene at Micronesia Mall

The newly opened shop
Check out the newly opened beauty shop in Micronesia Mall

Shoes in Foot Locker
Red shoes at Foot Locker in Micronesia Mall

And more shoes in Foot Locker
Foot Locker Window

On display in one of the shops 
Predator vs. Alien
LIfesize replica of Predator on display in Micronesia Mall
Lifesize replica of the Alien on display in Micronesia Mall
This two metal sculptures from scrap metal usually from engine parts to utensils is so detailed and actually life size if you don’t really check out out you might mistake it that its real. 
Facing Army Drive or Route 16

After getting my Sunday grocery was able to take some photos in the parking lot just outside Payless Supermarket. There is one section in Payless Supermarket that I wanted to photograph that is the vegetable section. I like how the tomatoes and all veggies are arranged. Next time I will take a photo and I hope the security wont stop me though.
Parking lot near Payless Supermarket
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Practice shoots in the office and my room

While waiting for the office server to finish backup took some pictures in and outside the office. Check them out:

Here are some photo shots in my room: