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Self-portrait in Monochrome

Tried again to take self-portrait using my tripod and setting my camera to Monochrome.

Shot some in Tungsten, B&W, and Sepia.

Check it out.

Got this idea of putting my signature where it can be easily seen in one of the photographers in and it turn out just right.

 With flash on, I was able to get this Black & white shot. To add more light I left my room fluorescent light on(yes these images are shot in my room). My camera is set at Portrait and under Fluorescent
Set my camera on 10 sec timer and 3 shots and was able to get these two clear ones. 

So far I like the outcome of my first monochrome self-portrait. Will experiment more on this style.
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A vandalized art in a waiting shed and Mural in Bayview and other hotels in Lower Tumon

The bust stop shed art in Dededo
I have been seeing this waiting shed/Bus Stop that has this nice art but when I get the chance to take a picture of it, it was vandalized. It has this spray paint but still the art stands out, I hope kids wont vandalized it further.

Bayview Hotel in Lower Tumon Guam has this tile mural and I finally have the change to photograph it.

Story of Two Lover’s Point

Some pictures along the way.

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Post processing technique: Color Splash

Been checking out some techniques done by photographers to make a subject in their photos stand out and this is called Color Splash.

It is basically either making the subject in focus in color while the background is in black & white or the other way around.

Below is my very first attempt. I know I need more practice.

I used a free software Paint.Net. What I did is made a black & white version of the original photo using LightRoom and adding it as a layer to the colored photo. Using my eraser tool in the layer with the black & white photo, I erased the area which I want to be in color which is the subject. Need patience to do such but would appreciate if someone can give us a better way of doing Color Splash.
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What is the color of clouds at night?

Been trying night photography and to tell you the truth I really don’t know how it should be. I ordered a tripod to have my camera in “still mode” to prevent shakes and blurs associated with dim or night photography.




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Showcasing Your Photos

A great way to showcase your photos is creating a slideshow or a video of your selected photos and share it as a video in social networks.

You can easily create one using whatever free software comes with your PC(Windows Movie Maker) and Mac(IMovie). Or you can use a free online slideshow maker like Flickr, Photobucket or an online free 30 sec movie maker Animoto.

Check my photos below using Windows Movie Maker

This is is made using Animoto

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The PussyCato

Just one of my figurine photographs. Hope you like it.

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Real-like orchids

No particular project today. Spotted this plastic flower in a glass vase in one of my co-worker’s desk and I took photos of it practicing in adjusting ISO and other stuff.

in full color

on top shot

in full color

shot with a softer picture style

in black

in classic color

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Featured Photographer: Natsumi Hayashi

This will be my first featured photographer. I discovered Natsumi Hayashi’s work in her blog yowayowa camera woman diary.
Her work is primarily a photo of her levitating(some on the famous jump shot style). Some of her work are really great that it looks like she is naturally floating while her background seems in the normal mode.
Source: she is the one with a red plastic bag
To view more of her work check her blog Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary at
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My Animoto Video Project Flower Photography

I discovered Animoto and made my first Animoto video showcasing some of my flower photographs. Click the link below and enjoy.

My Animoto Video

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Mural Project And Some Photos Aside

Have been planning this project.

Taking a photo of the three wall murals I see every weekend. These murals along Lower Tumon here in Guam are a reflection of Guam’s culture.  I prayed for a sunny day and this morning it was indeed sunny but with some drizzle here and there, well that is how Guam is at times it rains on the other side of the road while its sunny on the other side.

Hope you like my photos. 

This mural is right across Guam Visitor’s Bureau.

This on going projetc is right across Guam Visitors Bureau

Zoom image for more details

Lady in the mural project(not the official name)

The Lady in Black & White

A passing jogger and the Lady

The below mural is found in the 4 way intersection right in front of Hilton Resort & Spa.

wa trying to get a panoramic shot of this mural but my camera is limited

partial shoot of the mural

middle part of the mural depicting the carabao

The gumamela in the mural at Hilton Guam

deers in the mural at Hilton Guam

Carabao ride island style

The hard working Chamorro dad

Kalachu-chi with some vandalism though

I was only able to get one picture of the mural in the road going up to Kmart due to the drizzle on a sunny morning.

I Love Guam Mural

While walking and shooting the murals I got some other eye catching imagery.

got this while walking towards Hilton Guam

got this while on my way down from the hill towards Hilton Guam

Beauty in the grass at another angle

another fire tree, hmmm it seems there are lots of fire tree in Lower Tumon

got this while walking towards Kmart in Guam

close up shot of the flowers in bloom

a solo of the Gumamela

another angle for the Gumamela