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Photographing kois in a pond

Kois are relaxing

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This fishes are one of the sought after decorative fishes. They are often in pools in gardens but a few have them in aquariums.

This was a shot I took when I was still in Guam. One of the hotels has this amazing pond setup just outside of the restaurant in the hotel. After a great lunch, you can stroll and see these creatures as they swim around from one pool to another and from time to time raise up to either eat something above the water or I think catch some air.

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Side light plus Lightroom adjustments using graduated filter

You got to have first before you can give

Made a side light shot and adjusted the darkness on the sides to hide the visible background using Lightroom’s graduated filter in the develop module. I also added my favorite motto.

You got to have first before you can give

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Photo Post Processing: Not a joke task

I raised my hat to all those who do post processing work on photos. At times people criticize your  work that it is overly done or not so professional and the like. My post processing arsenal is only made of Lightroom 3.6 and free software I just did a single photo to clean out the rest of the background and really it takes time and effort just to have it really nice and done before making another use of the image.

Check out one of my self-portrait photo which I did post process first before doing some other photo editing tricks.

Original Photo

Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait 3

Post processed – removed background

Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait no background



Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait Desaturated

Black and white usually used in newspaper

Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait BW caricature


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Self-Portrait using one speedlite and the white side of a reflector

portrait, Canon 85mm 1.8/F, one speedlite setup, Canon 70D

After watching countless  videos on how to tale a great portrait shot just using one speedlite, I think I finally did it.

Check out my self-portrait below and let me know your thoughts.

portrait, Canon 85mm 1.8/F, one speedlite setup, Canon 70D

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Image compositing

Image compositing is the technique where two or more photos or layers are put together to create a single image.

This is usually done to put a different background on a person’s profile or whole body picture but making sure that as if it is a single image. Besides that it is also use usually in magazines and advertising where text are included as if partial of it are at the back of the person in the image.

I was doing a portrait session with my co-workers for our company’s website. We had a little fun shot shots session and I did some photos as composites in magazine covers. If you think this is cool please let me know by leaving your thoughts or ideas in the comment box at the end of this post.

Magazine composites Karen & Dani Working Mom cover Karen Melo Jordan Sports Ilustrated cover Moises vs. Josef Sports Illustrated Cover Tabing Ilog Rewind StarStudio Cover The crawling Julia's movie poster



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A day in a cat’s life

Had a week long vacation a few weeks ago. I visited my mom and our home back in the province. Bad weather has prevented me in  going out further to take some pictures of the old place I once live.

Though not much change, I can see that our place is little by little in a way aging. The kittens I once photographed are now full grown cats and I spotted one of them lazily spending the afternoon in the grasses.

A day in my cat lifea local cat’s purrifect afternoon

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Starting Food Photography

Food photography

I once saw a photography tutorial on YouTube and I tried doing those food photography techniques here.

Food photography

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Gear update to enhance photography

Every photographer have that point in their passion or art that what they have in creating that art or passion is not enough.

I needed a few tools to go above the current level. These tools should enhance or make it efficient. For a photographer, having that means to control the light is a must, thus additional tools like flash, strobe, and sets of light modifiers are needed. As for myself, especially now that I am going towards going pro with this passion, I needed to learn more about light modifiers. Gears are costly. I am just a hobbyist and yet my calculated fee just to recover my equipments’ tools are way above the basic fees charged by freelance photographers you can find online. Good thing I chanced upon an online photography store that nearly have the price of the tools I need half as to those well established stores.

Below are some of the tools I got myself at a bargain and in the next weeks I will be testing them and learn them how to use well to help me achieve better photos and hoping that it would justify the deal price I offered.

YN RF-603C II from Dhanstore

Generic shoot through umbrella and ligh tstand set

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Lazy afternoon timelapse in Dulag

Just to pass time made this short timelapse after my mom’s birthday at our front yard.

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Miao Cat Cafe: Cat Lover’s hangout (first batch of photos)

Visited Miao Cat Cafe this Sunday and we were informed that our reservation was moved to 12 noon due to some taping/photo shoot at the cafe with Anne Curtis. It so happens that she is a cat lover as well.

Miao Cat Cafe is this new cafe in Quezon City just at the intersection of Mindanao Avenue and Congressional Avenue. If you happen to be in Trinoma just take a ride in Mindanao Avenue and get off at Congressional Avenue. A few walks and you get to the Cakes to Go store and there is a narrow stairs going to the second floor for the cafe itself.

As of today the cafe is still expanding to include a spa thus for now, guess are accepted strictly by appointment so, in case you wanted to check them out make sure to make your reservations. Click here to contact Miao Cat Cafe

And of course you want to check them out because you love cats. So below are the first batch of photos taken a while ago. Enjoy!

Miao Cat Cafe Food area WM Miao Cat Cafe Food WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 2 WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 3 Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 4 WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda BW WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda WM Miao Cat Cafe sleepy cats Miao Cat Cafe visit March 29, 2015 Miao Cat Cafe wall art WM