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Be Alert: Color correction using my new Wacom Capture tablet

Corssing the road is not easy so be careful

Crossing the road is not easy so be careful

This is my recent post-processing practice using my recently acquired Wacom Bamboo Capture.

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Sample from Artisan State

Artisan State

Discovered this new site about making your very own photo book and below is the sample I made using some of my images.

Check them out at

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Getting close to nature

Nature at ist untoiched state

Aside from the co-workers portrait and group shots during our 4th of July outing, I get to catch some interesting images of the untouched nature.

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Creating Client Only Access in your Photoblog

Sample Client Potal for a Wordpress blog

I have been busy searching the web for a cheaper way to established a photography site or blog where you can setup up client only access. There are available service out there but the cost is high specially for starting photographers. I was ask twice already to be a photographer for an event and for a wedding and I declined for the fact that I am still new at photography and I am not yet capable to deliver a professional work.

In terms of the images I took there are lots of errors and most of it are testing thus I still have lots to learn. Now I am getting use to with my Canon 85mm f/1.8. The problem I am having with this lens is the focus. They say it is a fast lens and every time I use it once its focus and I am about to hit a full press it is out of focus. So far the technique suggested was to shoot at manual focus which works well when shooting still. I discovered that to counter the blur I should set it to TV mode to have a higher shutter speed thus eliminating the blur cause by small movements.

Secondly I am not ready to deliver professional work. Watching tutorial videos in Youtube about post processing seems to tell me that it will take lots of time processing to deliver a professional work and how much more when you are editing thousands of images. For now I am using a free software,, to edit my images. Also I got GIMP which they say has capabilities like that of Photoshop but I am more use to with

And finally delivering final images to clients led me to use my existing blog and by adding some plugins and some tricks, I finally setup a client portal in my blog. I got this discussion in the forum(click here for the link) which gives a step by step guide to create a client only access page where you can upload an image proof for your clients to review.

With that the problem I am thinking now is the finish product. For weddings it would be a photo album or maybe a DVD disk that contains all those memorable moments. That alone makes me think where will I have my photos develop and at what cost, how will I make this images into an album with all the bindings needed, or maybe converting all images into a photo book style where pages are all images.

That would be the next step but as for now check out some images I took during my co-worker’s 4th of July outing at Inarajan, Guam.

Small plant

MD Wholesale Group 1 wm

MD Wholesale Group 2 wm

MD Wholesale Group 3 wm


To check out my Client Portal I created a test page. Click the “Client Portal” above and log in as “Test Client” and password is “testing”.

You will see a single image in the  screenshot below that I uploaded as a test page. If you like this post or if you have a better way to create a client portal please share it in the comment box below.


Sample Client Potal for a WordPress blog

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My Latest Photography Buddy: Canon 85mm f/1.8

clear shots at low light

After thinking and re-thinking, I finally got this amazing lens.

I have been scouting the world-wide web about a lens that bought satisfy my need and want: the need for an affordable lens for my Canon T3i and the want to get crystal clear images specially for portrait.

The Canon 85mm f/1.8 was the best choice. After reading photoblogs, blog reviews, forums, and some well-known tv show(oh yeah its DigitalRev TV) I decided to get this amazing lens.

Below are some of my shots before and  post processing. I am still familiarizing my self with this lens since it is a fixed focal length lens I like my 18-55mm kit lens and my Sigma 70-300mm Telephoto Zoom lens.

First portrait shot

First portrait shot with Canon 85mm f/1.8
My first portrait shot with Canon 85mm f/1.8 before post processing


At La Mirenda 3
after post processing using


Other shots before post processing


clear shots at low light
clear shots even at low light


green frog note holder
It’s just a toy frog promise
Angel the older sister of the Prince Dude Boss
Angel the older sister of the Prince Dude Boss

Enjoy more of the photos I recently took with this lens through PhotoSnack

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Long Exposure Experiments

Finally tried shooting with long exposure. Check out my two first attempts.


The street streaks

212193_Casual Vacancy UK/AU

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Cinnamon on a rainy Tuesday

Treat yourself with a yummy cinnamon roll

Treat yourself some time. A cinnamon roll on a rainy Tuesday is not that bad.

Treat yourself with a yummy cinnamon roll

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SMILE Booster

Start your day with a smile even if it is a blue day

Did you wake up on the wrong side of your bed?

Don’t let that ruin your day, why not check this photo and put up a smile today!

Start your day with a smile even if it is a blue day

No matter what always smile because life is to precious to waste by frowning.


212193_Casual Vacancy UK/AU

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Kawaii Neko: Cute Cat

Last Saturday I got a chance to photograph our neighbor or a stray cat playing in the roofs and in the fence. Using my Sigma telephoto zoom lens and putting my ISO as high(it was already about sunset) I took these photos. I hope you like them.

Wild cat

Wild cat 4: Trust your instincts

Wild cat: Life is a risk you have to take

Wild cat: Live Beyond Fences

I am not quite sure if there are online photography schools that would help enhance one’s animal photography. But learning from Youtube videos does help.

Please support my blog by purchasing cards, print, framed or mounted version of the above photos at Just click the images and a Redbubble site will open for you where you can choose what format you want to purchase.

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Take a great shot, use Rule of Thirds, Golden Spiral, and Golden Square

Geng Medrazo by Brendan Goco with patterns

Yes that seems to be a lot of rules to follow but it does not necessarily mean that you employ all rules in order to get a great shot. You can also use these to crop the image and get the best output.

Let me explain them in my own words(yes I am really not that techie so please bear with me)

Rule of Thirds

The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally. Studies have shown that when viewing images that people’s eyes usually go to one of the intersection points most naturally rather than the center of the shot – using the rule of thirds works with this natural way of viewing an image rather than working against it.

Rule of thirds is a rule of thumb which allows you to put the a part of the picture which is the subject of interest in line with a specific parts that catches the attention of the viewer. Most people think that the center of the photo is the right place to put the subject for it to be the center but in reality our minds are designed in a way where we look at an image at certain points thus placing the subject in line that point maximizes that quality you want to focus on.
Below is a pattern of the Rule of thirds:
Rule of thirds template
In my readings and videos that I have watch that teaches how to use the rule of thirds two things are always empasize.
  • Make sure that the subject occupies about 1/3 of the frame
  • The subject does not need to be really in the four inner dots considered as focal points but rather the subject should be align in or near those points thus an elongated subject does not necessarily be on the focus points but it could be along the lines like landscapes where the horizon aligns with either the upper or lower line.


Such Rule of thirds is actually derived from what is called Golden Ratio.

Golden Ratio is a number that is believed to be a number that is widely in nature. Others term it divine ratio because almost all things in a way follow the pattern this ratio makes. Two patterns I use with my photo edits are Golden Spiral and Golden Rectangle.

The same concept of the Rule of thirds apply where the subject of the photo should fall or be within certain points of the pattern to really bring the viewer’s attention. I was checking my Facebook when I chance to my young brother’s timeline and one of the photos he has is a photo of Geng Medrazo(a model in the Philippines). The photo is taken by Brendan Goco click here to check the whole photo.

 Medrazo by Brendan Goco

The above photo by Brendan Goco is well compose using the the three rules that I have discussed.



Geng Medrazo by Brendan Goco with Golden Rectangle

Using the Golden Rectangle which is much more like the Rule of thirds pattern, notice that the subject, Geng Medrazo, is not at the center but on the far right. Also she occupies about a third of the entire frame and she is not entire on the focal points but rather along the focal points. One important part of her, the eyes, lies along the upper line and it gives that great effect that directs the viewer to focus on her eyes.

Geng edrazo by Brendan Goco with Golden Spiral

Again using the Golden Spiral, you would see that Geng here totally is within the spirals main focus point and again the eyes lies along the line.

Now combining both Golden Rectangle and Golden Spiral makes this photo by Brendan Goco of Geng Medrazo really well compose.

Geng Medrazo by Brendan Goco with patterns

Disclosure: The above image of Geng Medrazo is the property of Brendan Goco.

I hope this short explanation of the three rules will help you achieve good portraits and other type of photo that you intend to experiment with. For more learning about these three rules go online or in or any other free online sites.


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