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Get Your Pink On Breast Cancer Awareness month

Puit your pink on

Puit your pink on October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. One of the local foundation that helps cancer patients and promote cancer awareness, Guam Cancer Care, have this wave your support event called “PUT YOUR PINK ON”.

My co-workers attended and supported the wave while I took pictures of this  event.

Showyour support, wave for cancer awareness

A wave may just be a wave but it means  lot for those who need our support.

Let's fight cancerThe young ones are aware of cancer and they are here to support.

all walks of life against cancer

Young or old are here to support the cause.

smile to fight cancer

Smile and the world will smile back at you!

Guam Cancer Care fights cancer

Guam Cancer Care leads the fight against cancer here in Guam.


Wave for cancer free life.


Lets go!Lets fight cancer

All out support to the PUT YOUR PINK ON cause.

Biker moms unite against cancer

Biker moms support the fight against breast cancer.

Check all photos in gallery below:



On the other hand check out my co-workers as they participate and enjoy the event.

Resting after long wave


Supporting the cause


Doing a good job


Funny moments at the parking


Chilling out in the parking lot

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What makes a good photo?

Sweet orange

Sweet orange It has been about 6 months now since I bought my first DSLR camera that got me into photography.

After much thought I bought my second lens for a better shot on far subjects. I did get a good shot but after that it made me think, what really makes a good shot.A lot of people would say a good camera with a high megapixel will surely generate a good clean looking image and others it is a natural talent to get crisp and awesome shots. I am new to really taking photos though taking a snapshot is long been in me since having a phone with a camera should do the trick.

It is no doubt that a good camera would surely deliver a good image. I was torn between a Nikon and a Canon DSLR for my first DSLR camera and after consulting people I ended up on a Canon T3i or as branded in Asia as the 600D. Since its my only camera I have to use my Nokia C3 to take photos of my T3i.

It's my very first DSLR camera

The lens in this image is my new Sigma Telephoto Zoom APO DG 70-300mm(images taken with this lens will be featured in the next bog post). In my opinion though the gear  is not enough to shot a great photograph. I remembered asking Jaypee David of Jaytograph how did he get awesome pictures in his travel blog and his answer really surprised me: you get to make one good shot after taking a thousand shots.

So taking a good image does not only require the best gear but also having the patience to make several shoots until you get the right one.But again others have a better perspective in taking a photograph. When I started learning how to take a good photo one lesson I learn is a bout good framing following the rule of thirds. It is simple putting your subject in a third of the frame focusing some features to fall on the imaginary intersection of vertical and horizontal lines that divides the frame into thirds.

At first people thought something is wrong with my hand or eye that instead of centering most of my images are off centered, and most people who take snapshots do, because that is how people know how to take a photograph(off course unless the intention is to put the subject in the center). Putting the subject a third into the frame artistically makes the image subject fall into the photo viewer’s line of sight thus creating a a focus into the beautiful in the image.

So what makes a good photo? I guess it boils down to three good gear, patience, and a good visualization of what you would life your photo be.

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Featured Photographer: Natsumi Hayashi

This will be my first featured photographer. I discovered Natsumi Hayashi’s work in her blog yowayowa camera woman diary.
Her work is primarily a photo of her levitating(some on the famous jump shot style). Some of her work are really great that it looks like she is naturally floating while her background seems in the normal mode.
Source: she is the one with a red plastic bag
To view more of her work check her blog Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary at
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My Animoto Video Project Flower Photography

I discovered Animoto and made my first Animoto video showcasing some of my flower photographs. Click the link below and enjoy.

My Animoto Video

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Mural Project And Some Photos Aside

Have been planning this project.

Taking a photo of the three wall murals I see every weekend. These murals along Lower Tumon here in Guam are a reflection of Guam’s culture.  I prayed for a sunny day and this morning it was indeed sunny but with some drizzle here and there, well that is how Guam is at times it rains on the other side of the road while its sunny on the other side.

Hope you like my photos. 

This mural is right across Guam Visitor’s Bureau.

This on going projetc is right across Guam Visitors Bureau

Zoom image for more details

Lady in the mural project(not the official name)

The Lady in Black & White

A passing jogger and the Lady

The below mural is found in the 4 way intersection right in front of Hilton Resort & Spa.

wa trying to get a panoramic shot of this mural but my camera is limited

partial shoot of the mural

middle part of the mural depicting the carabao

The gumamela in the mural at Hilton Guam

deers in the mural at Hilton Guam

Carabao ride island style

The hard working Chamorro dad

Kalachu-chi with some vandalism though

I was only able to get one picture of the mural in the road going up to Kmart due to the drizzle on a sunny morning.

I Love Guam Mural

While walking and shooting the murals I got some other eye catching imagery.

got this while walking towards Hilton Guam

got this while on my way down from the hill towards Hilton Guam

Beauty in the grass at another angle

another fire tree, hmmm it seems there are lots of fire tree in Lower Tumon

got this while walking towards Kmart in Guam

close up shot of the flowers in bloom

a solo of the Gumamela

another angle for the Gumamela

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Experimental Urban Photography

Was able to have a chance to try Urban photography.

Woke up early to get images of the early and the morning stuff of my area but it kinda ended into a blue sky and street photography.
Hope you get to check my images, would like to hear your comments and suggestions.

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I found Nemo?

Everyday while waiting for our office server to backup I go around to take some practice photo shoot just as my “Kabalens” Ian Rayray said “Picture lng ng picture!”

Well in the office guess what I found?

Yup its Nemo or is it Nemo? Not sure I just practice taking closeup pictures and with varying settings and adjustments.

Check them out.

Any advice on closeup photography? Please leave yours in the comment box.
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Micronesia Mall in Guam

I decided to get my usual dose of Java at Coffee Beanery in Micronesia Mall instead of my usual Sunday coffee at Infusion.
While coming in I saw a co-worker and also passed by ABC store to check the price of my possible pasalubong but its kinda pricey will check some other possible pasalubong which is more lighter on the luggage and of course the pocket.
While walking can’t help but point and shoot some pictures but I was hesitant on some because 1) its a public place and 2) I might be charge with taking pictures without permit.
So check out some below hope you like it:
Hallway going to the other side from Macy’s Children and Men’s section
The late Sunday scene at Micronesia Mall

The newly opened shop
Check out the newly opened beauty shop in Micronesia Mall

Shoes in Foot Locker
Red shoes at Foot Locker in Micronesia Mall

And more shoes in Foot Locker
Foot Locker Window

On display in one of the shops 
Predator vs. Alien
LIfesize replica of Predator on display in Micronesia Mall
Lifesize replica of the Alien on display in Micronesia Mall
This two metal sculptures from scrap metal usually from engine parts to utensils is so detailed and actually life size if you don’t really check out out you might mistake it that its real. 
Facing Army Drive or Route 16

After getting my Sunday grocery was able to take some photos in the parking lot just outside Payless Supermarket. There is one section in Payless Supermarket that I wanted to photograph that is the vegetable section. I like how the tomatoes and all veggies are arranged. Next time I will take a photo and I hope the security wont stop me though.
Parking lot near Payless Supermarket
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Picture of a Heart

My beloved girl friend gave me a pillow heart and its in my bed here in Guam were I work.

Was thinking of a subject for my first object shot and there it is. Thanks Mommy Krissy I love you and will see you soon mwah! 

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Around the island photos part 1

When I first came to Guam I was able to go around the Island in one day. Some photos I got while going here and there.