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Starting Food Photography

Food photography

I once saw a photography tutorial on YouTube and I tried doing those food photography techniques here.

Food photography

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Miao Cat Cafe: Cat Lover’s hangout (first batch of photos)

Visited Miao Cat Cafe this Sunday and we were informed that our reservation was moved to 12 noon due to some taping/photo shoot at the cafe with Anne Curtis. It so happens that she is a cat lover as well.

Miao Cat Cafe is this new cafe in Quezon City just at the intersection of Mindanao Avenue and Congressional Avenue. If you happen to be in Trinoma just take a ride in Mindanao Avenue and get off at Congressional Avenue. A few walks and you get to the Cakes to Go store and there is a narrow stairs going to the second floor for the cafe itself.

As of today the cafe is still expanding to include a spa thus for now, guess are accepted strictly by appointment so, in case you wanted to check them out make sure to make your reservations. Click here to contact Miao Cat Cafe

And of course you want to check them out because you love cats. So below are the first batch of photos taken a while ago. Enjoy!

Miao Cat Cafe Food area WM Miao Cat Cafe Food WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 2 WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 3 Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda 4 WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda BW WM Miao Cat Cafe in the veranda WM Miao Cat Cafe sleepy cats Miao Cat Cafe visit March 29, 2015 Miao Cat Cafe wall art WM

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Sirloin Steak by Chef Belo

Another shot of this steak

Chef Belo's Sirloin Steak 2

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Chef Belo’s Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak

If you love food specially steak you can check this creation by Chef Belo Delos Angeles.



Sirloin Steak

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Dinner at Jamaican Grill Dededo, Guam

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Ya mon serious food!

That is the tag line of Jamaican Grill here in Guam. It’s a Jamaican style barbecue inspired restaurant that captured the bellies of the locals and tourist alike. They have three locations and we dined in their Dededo Mall location.

Took this pictures, hope you get to try serious food mon!

Jamaican Grill Dededo Mall

Meat us

Ya mon serious food

Check them out one of these days! Enjoy good food, serious food!

P.S. Check whats cooking and know exact location by going to their site

“Jamaican Grill” and “Ya mon, serious food!” are trademarks of Jamaican Grill

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Cinnamon on a rainy Tuesday

Treat yourself with a yummy cinnamon roll

Treat yourself some time. A cinnamon roll on a rainy Tuesday is not that bad.

Treat yourself with a yummy cinnamon roll

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Sweet Mochi

Two is better than one

For the past days I have been eating these mochis. Our local grocery has this pack of mochis with 3 flavors.  Mochi is originally from Japan but the one I am buying is actually imported from Taiwan.

Enjoy these delicious mochi!

Sweet in the inside


Two is better than one


Solo Red Mochi

green bean mochi

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An Enticing Table Setting: Bon Apetit!

Table setting at Guam Restaurants

If you noticed some of my photos are photos of food in the table specially those in top restaurants here in Guam. Most restaurants here in Guam specially in the hotels are buffet so I get the chance to mix and arranged them for my photography like the one below.

Table setting at Guam Restaurants
Bon Apetit!
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Macro and Green

Mango Buds in our backyard has the latest fashion trends, straight from the runways. Shop GUESS.

While on vacation, I shot some green things around our house in Pangasinan.


Mango buds

I was able to spot our mango trees buds and the lighting was just right when I took this picture.


Violet grass flower 2

While sweeping our backyard I can’t help but see this wild flower or grass and I went down to take a picture just like this violet flower of a certain kind of grass.

Manga 3

This may look like a giant mango but in reality this is just a small mango, with the help of my Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens in Macro mode I was able to get this amazing picture.


Another mango shot this time adding bokah.

Manga 2

A closer shot of the above picture.


This strange grass is called the “Makahiya” which literally means shy. When you touch this grass its leaves clamp as if it is shy and hides away.

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Dalangin – Samadsad Cake cutting

Made this quick video for my friends wedding cake cutting held at Ginazels Function Hall at Batangas City, Batangas

Click and wait for the link below to download

Eugene & Cha’s Cake cutting

Or check the embedded YouTube video below: