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Manila Sunset Timelapse

Been struggling to  make a better timelapse but when I uploaded it up in YouTube the film seem blurry. With Windows Live Movie Maker I made this short timelapse with music from Utada Hikaru.


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Sunset at Manila Bay

This is not the usual sunset at Manila bay capture.


While I was fixing some things in the room where I stay here in Manila(nope its not a hotel it is just my sister’s condo here near the mall), I spotted this scenery. With such I grab my Canon T3i made initial shots with the kit lens and then some on my Sigma 70-300mm APO-DG telephoto zoom lens. It turns out the kit lens got a seemingly landscape shot. After some tweaking in Lightroom I made further adjustment in and below is the stunning shot.




Sunset at Manila

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Dreamy Dusk

Just another day. After my morning phone interview I got the whole afternoon watching Princess Hours with my sister. Then dusk came and she spotted a view.


I only took a picture after awhile and made a panorama out of it.



Dreamy dust

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Macro and Green

Mango Buds in our backyard has the latest fashion trends, straight from the runways. Shop GUESS.

While on vacation, I shot some green things around our house in Pangasinan.


Mango buds

I was able to spot our mango trees buds and the lighting was just right when I took this picture.


Violet grass flower 2

While sweeping our backyard I can’t help but see this wild flower or grass and I went down to take a picture just like this violet flower of a certain kind of grass.

Manga 3

This may look like a giant mango but in reality this is just a small mango, with the help of my Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens in Macro mode I was able to get this amazing picture.


Another mango shot this time adding bokah.

Manga 2

A closer shot of the above picture.


This strange grass is called the “Makahiya” which literally means shy. When you touch this grass its leaves clamp as if it is shy and hides away.

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Dusk in Black and White

Capturing the dusk as the sun’s light disappear.

The sunset view in my office in black and white

Soften the image to make the clouds cotton like.


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The Red Sky

Using some effects in,  I transformed one of my photo taken with my Canon T3i.

Sunset and clouds 2

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UFO in Guam?

Spotted this alleged UFO

Was preparing my sandwich for work and as I was washing my hands I noticed this weird white inverted “V” like thing in the blue clouds. I thought it was a cloud but as the passing cloud pass the thing was still there. After a few seconds it seems to move and after a minute it was moving fast. So I thought it was I was thinking, a UFO(Unidentified Flying Object).

So I got my camera and switch to my Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens to get a  better look on this alleged UFO. Check out the image I got below:

Spotted this alleged UFO
Is this an alien invasion of Guam?

I thought it was really a UFO that I started day dreaming of having a UFO tracking career but as I look at it is indeed a rocket. I wonder why a rocket is launch early morning and more why is there a rocket launch. It could be a test rocket or probably it is a rocket carrying a satellite to orbit the earth, I don’t really want to speculate it is one of those North Korean missiles.

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The Golden Hour

Golden hour photography sessions

It was a Sunday afternoon around 5:15 pm when I was able to get this shots they say the golden hour brings the colors. I was lucky that before heading home I got my Canon T3i and took some shots of this beautiful sunset here at Upper Tumon, Guam.

Golden hour photography sessions Golden hour photography sessions Golden hour photography sessions



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Pebbles in the Sand

Powdery sand and pebbles in Matapang Beach, Tumon, Guam, USA

Was looking back at some of my images and found these. I cropped some parts of it using the Golden Ratio Spiral to capture the best part of the images.

Powdery sand and pebbles in Matapang Beach, Tumon, Guam, USA
Available at Click the image to purchase it!


Another shot with a slight adjustment in the framing.

Powdery sands and pebbles in the beach in Guam
Available at Click the image to purchase it!




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The Golden Hour: Preview

A golden hour photography session
A golden hour photography session
Catching the light at the golden hour


Been experimenting with the Golden hour and the above is one of the shoots I made at Upper Tumon Guam.