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Playing tourist in Lower Tumon Guam with my Canon T3i

It’s been a long time since I posted some pictures about Guam. Well now that I have my handy dandy Canon T3i(I dont know why they nickname it “Rebel”) I have revisited the famous Lower Tumon today making the stroll at around 10:00 am and luckily is not yet a so busy time. Usually tourist like Japanese, Koreans, some Filipinos, some howlies, and a very few Russians stroll here to shop.
First stop is Burger King in Lower Tumon
Tumon Sands Plaza Luxury Shopping
One of the well designed part of Tumon Sands Plaza Building
Need a ride?

Some more pictures to come!!
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Lower Tumon, Guam pictures

Lower Tumon, Guam pictures

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I have been planning to take pictures of Tumon along the San Vitores road and also the Tumon Bay. I got A chance this morning to wake up early, about 4:45 am, but to my disappointment the sun was not up early today. I contented myself taking pictures of the different places I have been in Tumon. The dim light makes it hard for me to get a good shot so I just click any chances I got.

Holiday Inn, I parked the pickup here. Its kinda safe here and that I was planning to walk along the beach but it was too dark

Bus shed in GuamThe bus sheds in Guam are now painted yellow with the words “Share the Love”

Tumon Business Center
This is the marker for the Tumon Business Center.

Here you can find the next pictures.

Bank of Guam Lower Tumon branch

The Blessed San Vitores Church

San Vitores Church

Subway across the street

Acanta Mall Marker with all the establishments in it.

Acanta Mall

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Margaritas Burrito, they have lunch buffet taco and burrito every Friday

Walking further you will see Grand Plaza Hotel where Yuan San Restaurant is located and the Tumon Sands Plaza where one of the two stores of Louis Vuitton is located

Yuan San Chineses Restaurant

Tumon Sands Plaza

Tumon Sands Plaza Marker

Louis Vuitton Tumon Sands Plaza

Louis Vuitton Display at Yumon Sands Plaza

Louis Vuitton in Tumon Sands front

Tumon Sands Plaza front

Across Tumon Sands Plaza there is a new business center. So far the Burger King fastfood store is up and running…the rest are still setting up there stalls

Burger King

There is a ride here called Sling shot. It was too dark for me to get a picture of the structure so I content myself with the marker.

Across this structure is where Guam’s Las Vegas style shows are shown, the Sand Castle.

Sand Castle Marker

Still up for shopping? Then Galleria and The Plaza are your perfect place.

Galleria in Lower Tumon

Louis Vuitton in Galleria

The Plaza across Galleria

The Plaza logo

Outrigger Hotel

Under Water World

If you don’t have a ride or just wanna relax and let the bus take you to your destination you can wait here for the bus

Guam Mass Transit Bus Stop

Are you staying late? Late as in 5:30 am! If your hungry try these two noodle houses

Fuji Ichiban 24 hour Noodle house

Papa G’s Noodle Station

The Blue Lagoon Marker…housing different restaurants

The Blue Lagoon

 Near the Holiday Inn there is a magic shop and the latest pizza parlour in Guam

The Trick Stop

California Pizza Kitchen

I walked from the left side to the right side of San Vitores Road hoping that the sun will be up by the time I got back to Holiday Inn but its already 5:40 am and yet its still dark. Next time I will be just on the right time to catch a perfect picture of Tumon Bay.

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Gloomy days on Guam

I was on my way home when I was greeted at the door by this impending rain.

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Today is in contrast with Monday evening when I took these shots.

The moon was just nice to look at when it has a blue background.

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Coco’s Island Resort Escape

Here are some of my photos taken with my Pentax Optio E30

While waiting for the ferry ride at Merizo
Coco's Island Resort 12

Coco's Island Resort 13

Coco’s Island ferry boat
Coco's Island Resort 14

Coco’s Island
Coco's Island Resort 15

Southern part of Guam
Coco's Island Resort 10

Coco’s Island reception area
Coco's Island Resort 8

Beach……….sand and clear salty water
Coco's Island Resort 2

Coco's Island Resort 4

Coco's Island Resort 7

A view of the main Guam island from Coco’s Island side
Coco's Island Resort 3

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Two Lover’s Point

Got this photos during my “around the island” experience here in Guam. These pictures were taken in the Two Lovers Point(Puntan Dos Amantes). It is a cliff where it was believed that two lovers, a girl of Spanish and Chamorro descent and a Chamorro boy, jumped due to the forbidden love that they have.

Since then this place has been a place where people want to be married. On the sides of the park a list of couples who got married are engraved in plates mounted in the wall.

Also there is a view deck where you can see the entire Tumon Bay and the Tumon area, and the Philippine Sea.

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