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Product Photography: My Personal Financial Diary 2013

My Personal Financial Plan DIary 2013

My fiancée put up a free personal financial planner for 2013.

My Personal Financial Plan DIary 2013
This is how we do it

We are both advocates for financial literacy and we both blog about personal finance. You can read her latest blog post  about money trading and also get this free financial diary at MoneyLifeblood( by subscribing and Peraholic( On the other hand you can find my blog post as well in my blog Investing in Philippines( We both have personal finance degree related background, myself a graduate of BS Accountancy and she graduate of Economics. Also I hold a Certified Public Accountant license in the Philippines which is equivalent to a personal finance certificate.

The objective of the project is to help the common Juan or Juana able to have a full control of their finances by making monthly goals in several areas that is connected to money or finances and tracking performance against set goals.

Below are my photographs used in this project.

The Green Ice Cream




Guam Two Lovers Point
See the view of Tumon at Two Lover’s Point in Guam


Fourth of July


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