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Image compositing

Image compositing is the technique where two or more photos or layers are put together to create a single image.

This is usually done to put a different background on a person’s profile or whole body picture but making sure that as if it is a single image. Besides that it is also use usually in magazines and advertising where text are included as if partial of it are at the back of the person in the image.

I was doing a portrait session with my co-workers for our company’s website. We had a little fun shot shots session and I did some photos as composites in magazine covers. If you think this is cool please let me know by leaving your thoughts or ideas in the comment box at the end of this post.

Magazine composites Karen & Dani Working Mom cover Karen Melo Jordan Sports Ilustrated cover Moises vs. Josef Sports Illustrated Cover Tabing Ilog Rewind StarStudio Cover The crawling Julia's movie poster



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Practicing photo editing

Carshow model Manila Auto Salon 2014

It has been awhile since I edited some of the pictures I have taken. As they say if you don’t use it you lose it.

Photo editing skills are as important as your photography skills. Not all photos you take will be perfect. There will be photos that might be good or even great but a few details needs to be change to make it the “photo”.

I have always mentioned that I have been a fan of for most of my photo editing(because it’s free) but I do have an old version of Photoshop Lightroom 3 that helps me quick photo post-processing. I am not yet taking photos professionally(yup still more of a hobby) but at this early stage self-improvement once one starts to bring photography to the next level.

Below are some edited photos from my recent 2014 Manila Auto Salon photo shoots.

2014 Manila Auto Salon0108-Edit 2014 Manila Auto Salon0341-Edit 2014 Manila Auto Salon0338-Edit-Edit 2014 Manila Auto Salon0349-Edit

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View at Alupang Beach, Guam

The beautiful view of Tumn Bay at Alupang Beach, Guam

It is Veteran’s day last Monday and I was able to get a chance to photograph some view at Alupang Beach, Guam.


The beautiful view of Tumn Bay at Alupang Beach, Guam
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There were tourist snorkeling, kayaking, riding the banana boat, and parasailing. Alupang Beach has been an area of Tumon Bay for such beach activities.


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SDA Fun Run at Lower Tumon

My employer was one of the sponsors(they are also our customer) to this fun run event by SDA Guam and as such we are given 5 slots of runners and if others would still like to run a fee will be available at venue.

Our sales rep who coordinated informed me that the run would start at 6:15 so I decided to go to the venue about 6:00 so that I can take a picture of the start. Yesterday was a gloomy day and I was wondering if today would be the same and somehow the weather cooperated.

I was a bit late and most of the runners are already half way so I decided to pull over and take any pictures in the way. I was contacting my co-workers but nobody was answering so I took as much as I can while I have time.


Check my shots below:

Not giving up

Like Father Like Daugther

Everyone runs a 5k

We can do this buddy!

Hip hip horray!!!

click below to view these photos as gallery

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Fourth of July at Fujita Beach and more

My co-workers out of the blue suddenly decided to take advantage of the holiday on July 4th that fell on hump day. 

And for the first time according to the senior employees, this will be the very first time we are having a beach office party. 

With my camera and my new tripod, I decided just to be the photographer and not swim… yes the waters at Fujita beach was clear and calm, it was high tide in the early hours but suddenly after 8:00 am it was low tide, and we were lucky to get a good spot thanks to kuya Carlos for being there at 5:45 am.

Without further delay here are some of my snapshots.

Note: Its so nice to view this images at a big computer screen.

Fujita Beach at early 6:30 am

Beach activities & other people in Fujita beach

The Trio

The Sand

Asahi cap(the Asahi trademark is own by its makers and owners)

Mr. Proa man and his long board(thank you sir)

The Duo beach walkers

The Solo runner

incoming ball ahead

The photographer is working

Newly weds post-nup phot at Fujita beach

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Playing tourist in Lower Tumon Guam with my Canon T3i

It’s been a long time since I posted some pictures about Guam. Well now that I have my handy dandy Canon T3i(I dont know why they nickname it “Rebel”) I have revisited the famous Lower Tumon today making the stroll at around 10:00 am and luckily is not yet a so busy time. Usually tourist like Japanese, Koreans, some Filipinos, some howlies, and a very few Russians stroll here to shop.
First stop is Burger King in Lower Tumon
Tumon Sands Plaza Luxury Shopping
One of the well designed part of Tumon Sands Plaza Building
Need a ride?

Some more pictures to come!!