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Pebbles in the Sand

Powdery sand and pebbles in Matapang Beach, Tumon, Guam, USA

Was looking back at some of my images and found these. I cropped some parts of it using the Golden Ratio Spiral to capture the best part of the images.

Powdery sand and pebbles in Matapang Beach, Tumon, Guam, USA
Available at Click the image to purchase it!


Another shot with a slight adjustment in the framing.

Powdery sands and pebbles in the beach in Guam
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Solitary Koi


Been taking pictures of koi fish in Hilton Guam Resort & Spa and this big one caught my eye.

You can buy a clean image of this koi at my Redbubble by clicking the image.


Check out the rest of my photos at by clicking here.


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Flowers for my beloved fiancee

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

I’m engaged to a beautiful woman, Krissy Domingo, and the distance between us prevents me from  courting her day-to-day. I’m here in Guam and she is in the Philippines. We have been planning the wedding but we have not yet nailed the date.  Soon will sort it out mommy Krissy and we will live the life we dream of.

But let me just send this photos of flowers I took here in Guam, they are as lovely as you are.

I love and miss you so much!

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Flower for my fiancee, Krissy Domingo

Check one of the images below to view all in a carousel.

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Revisiting Two Lover’s Point

A promise of forever

When I first came to Guam I was able to do the traditional “round the island” joy ride. The very first stop we had before was Two Lover’s Point. After five years I find myself again in Two Lover’s Point but now with a better camera. I also first tested my Sigma Telephoto Lens. Check out some pictures below :

This is forever

A different perspective

This one has a funny story

A promise of forever

A Romeo & Juliet Story

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SDA Fun Run at Lower Tumon

My employer was one of the sponsors(they are also our customer) to this fun run event by SDA Guam and as such we are given 5 slots of runners and if others would still like to run a fee will be available at venue.

Our sales rep who coordinated informed me that the run would start at 6:15 so I decided to go to the venue about 6:00 so that I can take a picture of the start. Yesterday was a gloomy day and I was wondering if today would be the same and somehow the weather cooperated.

I was a bit late and most of the runners are already half way so I decided to pull over and take any pictures in the way. I was contacting my co-workers but nobody was answering so I took as much as I can while I have time.


Check my shots below:

Not giving up

Like Father Like Daugther

Everyone runs a 5k

We can do this buddy!

Hip hip horray!!!

click below to view these photos as gallery

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Brunch at The Westin Resort, Guam’s Seasonal Taste

Yummy treats
Its a Sunday and this time we savor and enjoy the ambiance and the music at The Westin’s Seasonal Taste.

Check out Seasonal Taste at The Westin’s webpage and it has this to say: 

Seasonal Tastes

The Westin Resort, Guam proudly invites guests to dine at Seasonal Tastes, the first truly interactive restaurant on the island. Created on a unique open kitchen concept, Seasonal Tastes allows you to experience our chefs’ personal service as they skillfully prepare your sumptuous meal right in front of your eyes. Surrounded by the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked breads and rotisserie specialties, your meal becomes more than just about dining, it becomes an experience engaging all your 5 senses. Enhance your traditional buffet dining with freshly prepared delights from our exotic tandoori oven, teppanyaki, sushi and sashimi stations as well as a rotisserie and built-in bakery. With a diverse array of flavorful cuisines, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

For the past few weeks I have been photographing food and I am liking it, could this mean food photography is my true line of photography? 

Well I have just started this hobby which nobody told me was addicting.  So without further ado here are my photo shoots at Seasonal Taste at The Westin Resort, Guam.

The Ambiance

The Food

The Entertainment

The View Outside
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Sunday Fun at Alize Restaurant at Guam Reef Hotel

My brother-in-law have his old college friend as a guest and we decided to try out Alize Restaurant for brunch and to our delight a magician and a Singer entertain us with the new setup of Alize  Restaurant. 

Enjoy the pictures I took below.
The Food!!!!
I was only able to get pictures of the sushi assortment because my mouth is already watering to eat the delicious dishes. Besides Sushi, Alize Restaurant also offers Chamarro & Filipino fusion food, Salad bar, Bread and other bakery products, an omelet station, and the new tempura station which only cooks what you choose to have a fresh and crispy tempura delivered to your table. Also don’t forget the dessert comprising of various cakes, local sweets, the Pinoy halo-halo, fruits, ice cream, and small stuff you can dip in chocolate. Drinks range from soda, ice tea, fruit juices, coffee and tea. 
my plate with all the sushi I can get

one of the dessetrts at Alize Restaurant

Yummy sushi!!!

does any one know what you call this?

Sushi anyone?

I got some of this and it taste good!!

The mainstay entertainment provided by DST Music production with the owner singer Shirley performs and sings old time favorites and new hits while you enjoy the food and ambiance of Alize Restaurant.
Live performance from Shirley of DST Music Production
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The Performer
Also Mr. Fumio entertained the young and young at hearts with his balloon twisting and card magic. 
Mr. Fumio doing a dog

Mr. Fumio ask my niece to blow a ballon that turn into the ballon dog's tail

Mr. Fumio poses with the staff of Alize Restaurant

Card magic performance by Mr. Fumio

Mr. Fumio show at Alize Restaurant at Guam Reef Hotel

Mr. Fumio magic show at Guam Reef Hotel

The entertaining Mr. Fumio
Also enjoy the ambiance of Guam Reef Hotel inside Alize Restaurant & The Tumon Bay.
Kid's plate at Alize Restaurant

Miniature traditional Chamorro house

Miniature traditional Chamorro house

A view of the bay at Guam Reef Hotel

Beach view at Guam Reef Hotel

The beautiful Tumon Bay View at Guam Reef Hotel

Check out Alize Restaurant at Guam Reef Hotel by clicking here.
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A vandalized art in a waiting shed and Mural in Bayview and other hotels in Lower Tumon

The bust stop shed art in Dededo
I have been seeing this waiting shed/Bus Stop that has this nice art but when I get the chance to take a picture of it, it was vandalized. It has this spray paint but still the art stands out, I hope kids wont vandalized it further.

Bayview Hotel in Lower Tumon Guam has this tile mural and I finally have the change to photograph it.

Story of Two Lover’s Point

Some pictures along the way.

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Fourth of July at Fujita Beach and more

My co-workers out of the blue suddenly decided to take advantage of the holiday on July 4th that fell on hump day. 

And for the first time according to the senior employees, this will be the very first time we are having a beach office party. 

With my camera and my new tripod, I decided just to be the photographer and not swim… yes the waters at Fujita beach was clear and calm, it was high tide in the early hours but suddenly after 8:00 am it was low tide, and we were lucky to get a good spot thanks to kuya Carlos for being there at 5:45 am.

Without further delay here are some of my snapshots.

Note: Its so nice to view this images at a big computer screen.

Fujita Beach at early 6:30 am

Beach activities & other people in Fujita beach

The Trio

The Sand

Asahi cap(the Asahi trademark is own by its makers and owners)

Mr. Proa man and his long board(thank you sir)

The Duo beach walkers

The Solo runner

incoming ball ahead

The photographer is working

Newly weds post-nup phot at Fujita beach

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Lunch at Sushi Rock in Micronesia Mall, Dededo

For a change from eating food court lunch by myself, I checked out Sushi Rock in Micronesia Mall here in Dededo, Guam.
I was not able to get lots of pictures but was able to get a picture of the sushi I ordered besides my 2 combo bento box(yup I got a big meal and I even saw close family  on my way home commenting that I got bulkier)

I present now the sushi bon appetit!

I was making several photo shoot at this set when the restaurant manager interrupted me asking if I would like to photograph the miso soup as well. Funny guy.

NOTE: The name SUSHI ROCK, its logo, and other images and representation are trademarks by their respective owners.