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Natural pool……Inarajan Pool

On my birthday, my co-workers dragged me down south of Guam. Our goal is to enjoy ourselves in the island resort(will be on the next post) and we stop by this natural pool just beside the road.

The Inarajan Pool has been one of the attraction in that part of Guam. Ever wonder why it is called “pool” though it seems to be a beach or cliff? It is a three natural pool created by the cavities in the edge of the rocky beach….thus the water is fresh salt water.

Rock formation could probably centuries old. More pictures on the next post.

For more info about Inarajan Pool click here.

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Two Lover’s Point

Got this photos during my “around the island” experience here in Guam. These pictures were taken in the Two Lovers Point(Puntan Dos Amantes). It is a cliff where it was believed that two lovers, a girl of Spanish and Chamorro descent and a Chamorro boy, jumped due to the forbidden love that they have.

Since then this place has been a place where people want to be married. On the sides of the park a list of couples who got married are engraved in plates mounted in the wall.

Also there is a view deck where you can see the entire Tumon Bay and the Tumon area, and the Philippine Sea.

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