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DPP9: Photos of the event

It was my first time to attend a whole day event and was indeed something to look forward again next year.

There were great line of new camera technology presented by off course the well known leaders of the industry, the great lessons taught by respected master photographers, and off course the sheer number of photographers who particiapted.

Below are some of the pictures I took. Please check them out, would be glad to hear your comments.


Bike Stunt 1 WM

Boxer model 1 WM


Bike Stunt 2 WM


Bike stunt 3


Boxer model 1 2nd WM




Boxer model 1 red gloves


DPP9 learning session at the main stage WM


Cosplay model Sailor Venus WM


Cosplay model Sailor Venus 1


Boxer model 2


Lecture session WM

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