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Get Your Pink On Breast Cancer Awareness month

Puit your pink on

Puit your pink on October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. One of the local foundation that helps cancer patients and promote cancer awareness, Guam Cancer Care, have this wave your support event called “PUT YOUR PINK ON”.

My co-workers attended and supported the wave while I took pictures of this  event.

Showyour support, wave for cancer awareness

A wave may just be a wave but it means  lot for those who need our support.

Let's fight cancerThe young ones are aware of cancer and they are here to support.

all walks of life against cancer

Young or old are here to support the cause.

smile to fight cancer

Smile and the world will smile back at you!

Guam Cancer Care fights cancer

Guam Cancer Care leads the fight against cancer here in Guam.


Wave for cancer free life.


Lets go!Lets fight cancer

All out support to the PUT YOUR PINK ON cause.

Biker moms unite against cancer

Biker moms support the fight against breast cancer.

Check all photos in gallery below:



On the other hand check out my co-workers as they participate and enjoy the event.

Resting after long wave


Supporting the cause


Doing a good job


Funny moments at the parking


Chilling out in the parking lot

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