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How to get clear and shake-free photo with a tripod

Have you ever have that great moment shot but ended up losing it because it’s blurry or it is not sharp enough?

It is frustrating when you have been waiting for the moment only to have a blurred image. Shakes that causes blur could come from your shaky hands, unstable position, or simply the very motion in your camera itself. Such blur could be fixed by using a tripod.

Quality tripods helps achieving that clear photo in two ways: stable position and movement elimination.

A quality tripod must be stable enough to carry the weight of the camera. There are tripods out there that sacrifice the quality of the material in order to give it at cheap price. Such will end up damaged after a few use or even worse damaging your camera itself when it suddenly falls or breaks. It should also be stable enough so that it wont tumble when strong winds blow.


Tripods just like the one above eliminates other movement. With the help of the camera built in timer or a extended switch, such additional movement when pressing the shutter button can be avoided. Shaky hands can also be eliminated.

Right now I am using the Manfrotto MKC3-H01 as my tripod. This tripod has this unique video and camera mode system that allows easy and steady video and photo capture. It is also a compact tripod that can easily be carried in your camera bag or carry it by hand. It is made of quality material that will surely last and avoid damage to your camera. Check this tripod and see for yourself if this is the tripod you’ve been looking for.




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