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Macro and Green

Mango Buds in our backyard has the latest fashion trends, straight from the runways. Shop GUESS.

While on vacation, I shot some green things around our house in Pangasinan.


Mango buds

I was able to spot our mango trees buds and the lighting was just right when I took this picture.


Violet grass flower 2

While sweeping our backyard I can’t help but see this wild flower or grass and I went down to take a picture just like this violet flower of a certain kind of grass.

Manga 3

This may look like a giant mango but in reality this is just a small mango, with the help of my Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens in Macro mode I was able to get this amazing picture.


Another mango shot this time adding bokah.

Manga 2

A closer shot of the above picture.


This strange grass is called the “Makahiya” which literally means shy. When you touch this grass its leaves clamp as if it is shy and hides away.

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