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Photography Event: #dpp9 at BGC


March 21 was the day DPP celebrated its 9th anniversary. Lots of activities and prizes were given and lucky participants got some quality cameras and freebies.

Also had some great learnings from master photographers and imagineers. Was also able to get shooting advises shooting a live model. Also, some announcements were said, but I leave that with DPP to make on the official page. Also, the recent KLM Assignment Amsterdam was shown and the work of Paul and Marc was totally cool. We are also joined by 5th placer of the HIPA, James Singlador. He shared with us the experience he had. He just termed it “living the life of the rich and famous.”

Aside from the learning activities, a few celebrities graced the event. We had Marian Rivera for the book signing of Jay Tablante’s Geekology 2.0. We also had Manny Pokyaw for the entire day actually, since there was a boxing ring.

At the evening discussion the topic was all about going professional. It was really an enlightening talk together with the original DPP forum members and members who eventually became professional photographers.

To give you a quick idea what was DPP all about, check out this short timelapse of all the photos I’ve taken while I was in the event:



Some few edited pictures. Will post others once done.

Bike Stunt 1 BW WM

Bike Stunt 1 WM

Bike Stunt 2 BW WM

Bike Stunt 2 WM

Boxer model 1 BW WM

Boxer model 1 WM

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