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Photography Idea Source: Magazines

Commercial Food Photography

There was a day when I dreamt of becoming a commercial photographer, taking big projects for big fashion brands and big product brands.

Commercial Food Photography

Such was a big dream for me. Without proper gear or proper training I might not be able to achieve that goal. But these days even photographers who have no diploma or certificate for any photography training are making big in the commercial photography scene. Photography is not limited to those who got train by professionals often times it is developed by constantly trying out what work already and refining it further. That is why magazines are one of the best sources of photography ideas you and I can try out.

Unlike YouTube, magazine photos are highly taken cared of and enhanced photos to meet a certain action and that is to make the reader buy. Such image must be powerful enough to convey a message. That is why commercial photographers are at times highly paid for their work. Since their work are in the glossy we can train ourselves by studying magazines (try Free Magazines On Zinio) with quality photos of products. Studying how it is exposed, at what angle or how was the image shot will challenge you and at times stretch you further and thus develop your skill in this area of photography.



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