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Playing tourist in Lower Tumon Guam with my Canon T3i Part 2

You know the Slingshot right?

I was trying to fool my friends who are not in Guam by taking a picture of the Slingshot from afar and trying out blur the strings and the pole so that it would look like a UFO. It look like one when I posted the picture in Facebook but when viewed at full image size the strings and the pole are there. 
But in case you get to Guam for whatever reason why don’t you try riding the Slingshot.

One of the attractions in Lower Tumon Guam where you are literally shot up using super large slingshot

The image below is the one I was trying to use to fool my non-Guam resident friends but they have a very good eye.

The two seater ball which house the riders of the slingshot Guam looks like a UFO to me

How high could this be?

I was wondering how hgh are the poles to which the Slingshot Guam is tied to?

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