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SDA Fun Run at Lower Tumon

My employer was one of the sponsors(they are also our customer) to this fun run event by SDA Guam and as such we are given 5 slots of runners and if others would still like to run a fee will be available at venue.

Our sales rep who coordinated informed me that the run would start at 6:15 so I decided to go to the venue about 6:00 so that I can take a picture of the start. Yesterday was a gloomy day and I was wondering if today would be the same and somehow the weather cooperated.

I was a bit late and most of the runners are already half way so I decided to pull over and take any pictures in the way. I was contacting my co-workers but nobody was answering so I took as much as I can while I have time.


Check my shots below:

Not giving up

Like Father Like Daugther

Everyone runs a 5k

We can do this buddy!

Hip hip horray!!!

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