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Strolling at Salcedo Saturday Market

It was early morning Saturday and my visiting siblings called us to join them in the Salcedo Saturday Market near their place. For me this was another photographic exercise and also a chance to test my recently acquired Canon 10-18mm wide angle lens.

The Salcedo Saturday Market is not only a locally known weekend market, but also internationally known  weekend market as the commentator announced(yes, while everyone was busy shopping there was somebody talking to set the mood). Since it is in the Makati Business District most of its shoppers are expats and a few tourists. Of course, some well-off Makati residents has frequented this weekend market with most of the items are rare finds that only available here.

Some of the few images I took are below. Please support some of our local vendors by frequenting these weekend markets(some of the vendors also are in the Legazpi Sunday Market).

Salcedo Market around the venue

Salcedo Market Down to Earth chilled products

Salcedo Market Fresh veggies

Salcedo Market Gary's plants and bayong

Salcedo Market Merry Moo

Salcedo Market plants in pots

Salcedo Market Romdane Artisan Bakery

Salcedo Market Simply Pie

Salcedo Market Stanford and Shaw

Salcedo Market sunflowers


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