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Sunset and Isaiah 49:15

I have been working now for about a month at my new employer in Makati. It is good that I can work at flex time even though working in the finance department. Lots of learning and of course as I have told a priest friend that for the nearly five months that I am not working I began to question what should I be doing. As if God abandon me and I felt useless from day-to-day just at the province doing the routine or either here in Manila just in my sister’s place waiting for a call from my applications.

My priest friend lead me to John 14. And it simple says that God has prepared a place for us and thus we need not worry. And Isaiah did resonate John’s message in the gospel: He will never forget us.

Thank you Lord, I know and I bet you know that I still have doubts and questions where am I right now but I thank you for You were always there for me.

 Sunset and Isaiah 40:15

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