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Gear update to enhance photography

Every photographer have that point in their passion or art that what they have in creating that art or passion is not enough.

I needed a few tools to go above the current level. These tools should enhance or make it efficient. For a photographer, having that means to control the light is a must, thus additional tools like flash, strobe, and sets of light modifiers are needed. As for myself, especially now that I am going towards going pro with this passion, I needed to learn more about light modifiers. Gears are costly. I am just a hobbyist and yet my calculated fee just to recover my equipments’ tools are way above the basic fees charged by freelance photographers you can find online. Good thing I chanced upon an online photography store that nearly have the price of the tools I need half as to those well established stores.

Below are some of the tools I got myself at a bargain and in the next weeks I will be testing them and learn them how to use well to help me achieve better photos and hoping that it would justify the deal price I offered.

YN RF-603C II from Dhanstore

Generic shoot through umbrella and ligh tstand set

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DPP9: Photos of the event

It was my first time to attend a whole day event and was indeed something to look forward again next year.

There were great line of new camera technology presented by off course the well known leaders of the industry, the great lessons taught by respected master photographers, and off course the sheer number of photographers who particiapted.

Below are some of the pictures I took. Please check them out, would be glad to hear your comments.


Bike Stunt 1 WM

Boxer model 1 WM


Bike Stunt 2 WM


Bike stunt 3


Boxer model 1 2nd WM




Boxer model 1 red gloves


DPP9 learning session at the main stage WM


Cosplay model Sailor Venus WM


Cosplay model Sailor Venus 1


Boxer model 2


Lecture session WM

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Canon EOS 70D video test: Ayala Triangle Festival of Lights

After dinner with my sister’s visiting family, I ask my brother-in-law to drop me at the Ayala Triangle to test my Canon 70D. Below are some of my video capture  of the famous Ayala Triangle Festival of Lights

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Panoramic shot

After going to my exam and interviews for my applications I got back to my niece’s place and was able to take photos of the city.

With a tripod and my handy-dandy Canon T3i, I was able to snap this panoramic shot. Combining about 6 images and using the Canon’s PhotoStitch software I was able to make this image with some parts having those remnants of where the software combined the images. I still got a long way to learn on how to take these images to have a seamless set of images for that perfect panorama.

But for now enjoy the photo by clicking it to see full image.

Delos Angeles Photography
Delos Angeles Photography