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Creating Client Only Access in your Photoblog

Sample Client Potal for a Wordpress blog

I have been busy searching the web for a cheaper way to established a photography site or blog where you can setup up client only access. There are available service out there but the cost is high specially for starting photographers. I was ask twice already to be a photographer for an event and for a wedding and I declined for the fact that I am still new at photography and I am not yet capable to deliver a professional work.

In terms of the images I took there are lots of errors and most of it are testing thus I still have lots to learn. Now I am getting use to with my Canon 85mm f/1.8. The problem I am having with this lens is the focus. They say it is a fast lens and every time I use it once its focus and I am about to hit a full press it is out of focus. So far the technique suggested was to shoot at manual focus which works well when shooting still. I discovered that to counter the blur I should set it to TV mode to have a higher shutter speed thus eliminating the blur cause by small movements.

Secondly I am not ready to deliver professional work. Watching tutorial videos in Youtube about post processing seems to tell me that it will take lots of time processing to deliver a professional work and how much more when you are editing thousands of images. For now I am using a free software,, to edit my images. Also I got GIMP which they say has capabilities like that of Photoshop but I am more use to with

And finally delivering final images to clients led me to use my existing blog and by adding some plugins and some tricks, I finally setup a client portal in my blog. I got this discussion in the forum(click here for the link) which gives a step by step guide to create a client only access page where you can upload an image proof for your clients to review.

With that the problem I am thinking now is the finish product. For weddings it would be a photo album or maybe a DVD disk that contains all those memorable moments. That alone makes me think where will I have my photos develop and at what cost, how will I make this images into an album with all the bindings needed, or maybe converting all images into a photo book style where pages are all images.

That would be the next step but as for now check out some images I took during my co-worker’s 4th of July outing at Inarajan, Guam.

Small plant

MD Wholesale Group 1 wm

MD Wholesale Group 2 wm

MD Wholesale Group 3 wm


To check out my Client Portal I created a test page. Click the “Client Portal” above and log in as “Test Client” and password is “testing”.

You will see a single image in theĀ  screenshot below that I uploaded as a test page. If you like this post or if you have a better way to create a client portal please share it in the comment box below.


Sample Client Potal for a WordPress blog