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A day in a cat’s life

Had a week long vacation a few weeks ago. I visited my mom and our home back in the province. Bad weather has prevented me inĀ  going out further to take some pictures of the old place I once live.

Though not much change, I can see that our place is little by little in a way aging. The kittens I once photographed are now full grown cats and I spotted one of them lazily spending the afternoon in the grasses.

A day in my cat lifea local cat’s purrifect afternoon

Posted by Delos Angeles Photography on Monday, August 24, 2015

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Napping Cats

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Kawaii Neko: Cute Cat

Last Saturday I got a chance to photograph our neighbor or a stray cat playing in the roofs and in the fence. Using my Sigma telephoto zoom lens and putting my ISO as high(it was already about sunset) I took these photos. I hope you like them.

Wild cat

Wild cat 4: Trust your instincts

Wild cat: Life is a risk you have to take

Wild cat: Live Beyond Fences

I am not quite sure if there are online photography schools that would help enhance one’s animal photography. But learning from Youtube videos does help.

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