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A try at newborn photography

I had already shared some of this images in the FB page but just want to add a few here together with the ones already posted. It is not easy shooting newborn. You cant pose them the way you want. Some restrictions on how far can you stretch that leg or arm, or at what side will the baby turn and how long it should be unwrap with its blanket. Babies are delicate and thus patience is a must. You keep waiting and waiting until newborn gives that yawn, that smile, that opening of the eyes, and all those cute things the parents would like their baby do and be captured in photo.

Also lighting is a big factor because flash or any other light source might agitate the baby. You can use side lighting using a big window but that limits the angles that you could take.

Also photo shoot should be planned well. Coordinate with the parents on when is the baby usually awake or sleeping or when is the best time the baby does interact so that time could be maximize.

My nephew baby Andres Jacob Delos Angeles Dugenia.

Andres Jacob DA. Dugenia

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newborn photography

Baby AJ

Baby AJ-2

Baby AJ-3

Baby AJ-4

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Newborn photography

Just visited my newborn nephew Andres Jacob DA. Dugenia. So I grabbed the opportunity to take some photos. One is below.

Andres Jacob DA. Dugenia