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Photo Post Processing: Not a joke task

I raised my hat to all those who do post processing work on photos. At times people criticize your  work that it is overly done or not so professional and the like. My post processing arsenal is only made of Lightroom 3.6 and free software I just did a single photo to clean out the rest of the background and really it takes time and effort just to have it really nice and done before making another use of the image.

Check out one of my self-portrait photo which I did post process first before doing some other photo editing tricks.

Original Photo

Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait 3

Post processed – removed background

Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait no background



Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait Desaturated

Black and white usually used in newspaper

Louis Delos Angeles Self-Portrait BW caricature


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Image compositing

Image compositing is the technique where two or more photos or layers are put together to create a single image.

This is usually done to put a different background on a person’s profile or whole body picture but making sure that as if it is a single image. Besides that it is also use usually in magazines and advertising where text are included as if partial of it are at the back of the person in the image.

I was doing a portrait session with my co-workers for our company’s website. We had a little fun shot shots session and I did some photos as composites in magazine covers. If you think this is cool please let me know by leaving your thoughts or ideas in the comment box at the end of this post.

Magazine composites Karen & Dani Working Mom cover Karen Melo Jordan Sports Ilustrated cover Moises vs. Josef Sports Illustrated Cover Tabing Ilog Rewind StarStudio Cover The crawling Julia's movie poster



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Practicing photo editing

Carshow model Manila Auto Salon 2014

It has been awhile since I edited some of the pictures I have taken. As they say if you don’t use it you lose it.

Photo editing skills are as important as your photography skills. Not all photos you take will be perfect. There will be photos that might be good or even great but a few details needs to be change to make it the “photo”.

I have always mentioned that I have been a fan of for most of my photo editing(because it’s free) but I do have an old version of Photoshop Lightroom 3 that helps me quick photo post-processing. I am not yet taking photos professionally(yup still more of a hobby) but at this early stage self-improvement once one starts to bring photography to the next level.

Below are some edited photos from my recent 2014 Manila Auto Salon photo shoots.

2014 Manila Auto Salon0108-Edit 2014 Manila Auto Salon0341-Edit 2014 Manila Auto Salon0338-Edit-Edit 2014 Manila Auto Salon0349-Edit

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DIY Light Tent for product photography

Most product photographers use tools to achieve the best image for a product and one of those is called light tent. Basically it is a box that softens harsh light all around the product giving that clean infinite white background look.


Being on a budget I decided to create my own DIY light tent using a discarded box and some home tools that I usually use on a day-to-day basis. Below is the DIY light tent I made to help me in my product photography.


DIY product softbox


use a light tent for a better product photography
DIY light tent

Below are some before and after processing images of sample products using DIY light tent. Photos were taken using a Canon 70D and Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens. Post processing is done using

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Post processing technique: Color Splash

Been checking out some techniques done by photographers to make a subject in their photos stand out and this is called Color Splash.

It is basically either making the subject in focus in color while the background is in black & white or the other way around.

Below is my very first attempt. I know I need more practice.

I used a free software Paint.Net. What I did is made a black & white version of the original photo using LightRoom and adding it as a layer to the colored photo. Using my eraser tool in the layer with the black & white photo, I erased the area which I want to be in color which is the subject. Need patience to do such but would appreciate if someone can give us a better way of doing Color Splash.