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Gear update to enhance photography

Every photographer have that point in their passion or art that what they have in creating that art or passion is not enough.

I neededĀ a few tools to go above the current level. These tools should enhance or make it efficient. For a photographer, having that means to control the light is a must, thus additional tools like flash, strobe, and sets of light modifiers are needed. As for myself, especially now that I am going towards going pro with this passion, I needed to learn more about light modifiers. Gears are costly. I am just a hobbyist and yet my calculatedĀ fee just to recover my equipments’ tools are way above the basic fees charged by freelance photographers you can find online. Good thing I chanced upon an online photography store that nearly have the price of the tools I need half as to those well established stores.

Below are some of the tools I got myself at a bargain and in the next weeks I will be testing them and learn them how to use well to help me achieve better photos and hoping that it would justify the deal price I offered.

YN RF-603C II from Dhanstore

Generic shoot through umbrella and ligh tstand set