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Sushi for lunch

Sushi for lunch

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It is common food in most Guam restaurants and hotels for the fact that most of the tourist that come here are Japanese.

Sushi for lunch
Everybody loves shushi



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Antique Lamp Style

Old lamp

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Ever have that craving to see antiques? I know some who would like to stop at antique stores going through stuff and telling you from what year or era such is.

I was able to get a photo of a lamp in the newly re-opened restaurant here in Guam. It may not look so antique but the style is indeed antique.

Old lamp
An antique like lamp in the newly opened Main Restaurant in Guam Reef Hotel

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View at Alupang Beach, Guam

The beautiful view of Tumn Bay at Alupang Beach, Guam

It is Veteran’s day last Monday and I was able to get a chance to photograph some view at Alupang Beach, Guam.


The beautiful view of Tumn Bay at Alupang Beach, Guam
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There were tourist snorkeling, kayaking, riding the banana boat, and parasailing. Alupang Beach has been an area of Tumon Bay for such beach activities.


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Food, Fun, and Sand at Nikko Hotel

September came and we have a brunch at Nikko Hotel in Tumon, Guam.

It was kinda cloudy and seems the rain would drop but we had fun both inside and outside with my niece and nephew. 

Enjoy the photos!

Smell the flowers at Nikko Hotel
the sweet smile
The view at Nikko Hotel
Relax in the greens at Nikko Hotel
enjoy the waters
The beach at Nikko Hotel
relax and feel the sand
want a horsey ride?
Go Kelly giddyyup!!!
Smile guys!
Let's go around the island of Guam

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Lunch at Alize Restaurant in Reef Hotel

We had lunch at Reef Hotel’s Alize Restaurant and can’t help but get some images.

Some of the good shots are below. Hope you like them!

At an angle

At another angle
One of the Lanterns at Alize

A bird carving inside Alize Restaurant

A statue of a mermaid facing Tumon Bay at Reef Hotel

The beach at Reef Hotel

A extended view of Tumon Beach from Reef Hotel

A view of Tumon Bay in Reef Hotel

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View from the top at The Westin

We just had a Sunday lunch buffet  at Taste in The Westin Hotel here in Guam. 

We were about to leave the hotel when my nephew asked if we can see the view of the pool and these is what we have seen(sorry for the blurry pictures I was only able to grab my Nokia C3-00 to shoot a few images)

He made a funny comment, we were in the Westin but what we can see is a beautiful view of Nikko Hotel.

I was not able to get a picture of the restaurant were we had our lunch. The restaurant is called Taste here is a picture from the web.

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Thanksgiving day walk in Tumon Bay

With nothing to do I went out of the apartment and had a walked in Tumon Bay.

I got my feet wet and took some pictures of Tumon at early morning.

On my way to Tumon Bay via Marine Corp Drive

A common point upon descending to Lower Tumon

Pacific Place

When crossing streets always use the pedestrian lane for your safety

DFS Galleria ……….. where you can buy signature stuff

Some specialty stores in Lower Tumon

Beach Beach and Beach plus kayaks and boats

Just lay down and relax

A view in an early Thursday morning

The Beach with seagrass and an early fisherman with fishing gear

More beach

Looking back how far have I walked

Early risers and joggers

Chapels here in Guam are always full specially on the month of June

On my way back to the main road

One of the Louis Vuitton Stores in Guam

Sand Plaza 7:45 am

The other side of DFS Galleria

Sand Castle

The Plaza
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