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A day in a cat’s life

Had a week long vacation a few weeks ago. I visited my mom and our home back in the province. Bad weather has prevented me in  going out further to take some pictures of the old place I once live.

Though not much change, I can see that our place is little by little in a way aging. The kittens I once photographed are now full grown cats and I spotted one of them lazily spending the afternoon in the grasses.

A day in my cat lifea local cat’s purrifect afternoon

Posted by Delos Angeles Photography on Monday, August 24, 2015

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December 2014 Vacation

The holidays gave me a chance to go back to my province for a two week vacation. I have this plan of shooting the early sunrise in the “pokok” (fishpond) , grains of rice in the rice fields, and the elusive “dulakak” ( the big migratory bird that flies in fishponds and rice fields). Those were really good plans but it all failed. Traffic was bad on the day my sister and I went to the province.  With that I got tired and lost the energy to do some shots when we arrived. Other days were hectic days with the Christmas day in our house with my siblings and their kids.

And so I ended up just staying at home. Thus my photo shoots were limited to the things in the house and early mornings.

December 2014 Vacation Bird watching Monday_5-Edit Burger King at the Superbowl King Spongebob Leon Jon rapping it out Peek at the early morning - Copy Test shot Saturday_97-Edit - Copy Test shot Saturday_111-Edit - Copy Test shot Saturday_120-Edit - Copy Test shot Saturday_133-Edit - Copy Test shot Saturday_160-Edit


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Summer Getaway?

Summer getaway

The sun is up and the air is hot and humid, I guess summer is already here.


Summer getaway


Where are you planning to go on summer?

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View from the top at The Westin

We just had a Sunday lunch buffet  at Taste in The Westin Hotel here in Guam. 

We were about to leave the hotel when my nephew asked if we can see the view of the pool and these is what we have seen(sorry for the blurry pictures I was only able to grab my Nokia C3-00 to shoot a few images)

He made a funny comment, we were in the Westin but what we can see is a beautiful view of Nikko Hotel.

I was not able to get a picture of the restaurant were we had our lunch. The restaurant is called Taste here is a picture from the web.