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The Hedgehog

Hello there!

Was checking out the ongoing sale at Kmart here in Guam and ended up buying things I did not plan. I got a portable burner and some rugs for my small bathroom. I originally intended to just check and buy plain shirts and underwear but you know shopping centers, they get to entice you to buy some more and when I passed the dog section oh boy I can’t resist thinking buying toys for our baby shih tzus. I sure my fiancée and baby shih tzus would love this hedgehog toy.

Hello there!

This is the cute toy I am talking about. Guys meet Hedgehog our baby shih tzu’s new friend or  toy rather.

What's up ahead hedgehog?

Was taking close up shots of this hedgehog and tried to make it look like it’s looking to a far place and contemplating. Hmmmm I wonder what is he thinking?

Stike a post hedgehog!

Ok I think this guy is ready for running and hiding surely he has to or our little baby shih tzus will get him. Run Hedgehog run!!!!

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