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UFO in Guam?

Spotted this alleged UFO

Was preparing my sandwich for work and as I was washing my hands I noticed this weird white inverted “V” like thing in the blue clouds. I thought it was a cloud but as the passing cloud pass the thing was still there. After a few seconds it seems to move and after a minute it was moving fast. So I thought it was I was thinking, a UFO(Unidentified Flying Object).

So I got my camera and switch to my Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens to get a  better look on this alleged UFO. Check out the image I got below:

Spotted this alleged UFO
Is this an alien invasion of Guam?

I thought it was really a UFO that I started day dreaming of having a UFO tracking career but as I look at it is indeed a rocket. I wonder why a rocket is launch early morning and more why is there a rocket launch. It could be a test rocket or probably it is a rocket carrying a satellite to orbit the earth, I don’t really want to speculate it is one of those North Korean missiles.

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