What’s in my bag?

I have a confession to make, I am a turtle. Just kidding!

I basically have two camera bag one is the all in bag messenger bag(that is why I said I am a turtle) and the other is a small sling bag.

Manfrotto Unica V Messenger Bag Black Stile

This bag is my all in bag. It’s made of nylon and big enough to contain my day-to-day on the go stuffs. I ended up with this bag because I needed a bag for my laptop. To my surprise this bag is has a compartment for compact tripod.

Since this bag is my day-to-day bag it houses my laptop and its accessories, my Canon T3i camera with its kit lens, my Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens, Kindle, a piece of big notebook for my daily ideas, extra USB flash drive, a pen, a tiny notepad for my day-to-day expenses, and my Manfrotto Compact tripod.


Lowepro Adventura 170 Shoulder Bag

This is my early morning or my on site bag for easy to carry and lightweight load. Since it’s just a small bag it just house my Canon T3i camera and an extra SD card. At times I carry my Sigma Telephoto Zoom lens so it fits two lenses, my kit lens and the Sigma lens.


To date that is all I have in my bag. Thus below are my wishlist items to add to my arsenal.




Canon shoe mount flash – I was looking at Vivitar and Canon Speedlite which makes my head spin(so pricey need to budget for this)

Battery grip – Canon has their own for their DSLR but I saw some compatible brands.

Remote or a switch – my hand is shaky at times thus a need for shake reduction accessories.

50mm lens – they say a 50mm is best for portrait so I have this one in my wishlist

Wide angles lens – for landscape and panorama photography

Waterproof DSLR case – for this one I recently purchase the Dicapac brand though I haven’t tested it. Will soon test it in case we go tot the beach.